CPEC infrastructure plays important role in economic growth


Infrastructure playsimportant role in economic growth, industry & economics of country.The important elements of infrastructure play a key role in development of countries & people’s upliftdue to roads/motorways & road transport,railways network,communication, especially telecommunication system,airports &ports,for agriculture, irrigation system the important infrastructure,power and the source of its production etc. building of infrastructure requires large and heavy investment.
Roads will benefit agriculture as the farmers, and other industrial products at relatively cheaper prices as their transport costs due to improved transportation. The construction of power plants produces electricity which is used for commercial use& industrial helps production, helps in acceleration or boost of economic growth.
Good quality infrastructure is important not only for faster economic growth but also help fast growth of country economy. Farmers improved infrastructure will reduce their input cost & increase agricultural production growth benefits are shared by the majority of the nation.
Infrastructure structure helps small businessmen to compete successfully with large-scale industries & beinglabour generate large employment opportunities for the workers. This will help toalleviate the poverty in country.
Lack of good infrastructure not only holds back economic development, it also causes additional costs in terms of time, effort and money of the people for accessing essential social services such as healthcare and education. The importance of adequate modern infrastructure, particularly oncommunication, energy & transport. Sustainable, balanced & strong, development of the economy with environmentally sustainable development of infrastructure.
Good quality of infrastructure boost/raises productivity levels in the economy of country and brings down costs of all fields.
The construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) brings development of infrastructures of all field.The CPEC is a core project or can say flagship project of One Belt One Road (OBOR). OBOR is a mega vision of China to connect the whole region and beyond into a single network of transit routes using which China can carry its products to most of the Asian and European countries. Itbrings development in all region.
Pakistan and China are All Weather Strategic Friends. People of Pakistan love china and Chinese love Pakistan.It’s people to people contact,respect,love, care for each other. Two nations and One heart.
CPEC makes Pakistan destination for cross-regional investment and trade. CPEC provide a solution to the energy shortfalls in Pakistan. It’smade good infrastructure ofenergy sector projects,Hydropower,coal (local/international),solar power plant,wind power plant.It is projected that CPEC resolve 80% electricity shortfall in Pakistan.
The 2nd phase of CPEC would focus on industrial cooperation, agriculture, science & technology, tourism, & many other fields.Pakistan is seeking support of China for corporate farming through the inclusion of agriculture in the CPEC programme boost green revolution in Pakistan.Science and technology combine research and training program should be undertaken in the field of agriculture Pakistan research infrastructure.
Under CPEC, agriculture infrastructure Steps are being taken for promotion of organic farming also as it has high demand globally. Agriculture products would be expanded further, CPEC will be game changer for our agriculture sector and easy access for us to different international markets.
CPEC bring big change in transport sector of the Pakistan. Mostpart of country is linked with international standard motorways.The number of roads/highways & railways have been constructedas a part of this plan.
The CPEC is an economic game changer for both China and Pakistan. CPEC projects in Pakistan, CPEC consists of free, energy production, transportation infrastructure, economic zones & infrastructure development which will creates millions of jobs in Pakistan. Big level of infrastructure projects is important to Pakistan economic progress.
Building a road from the Karachi Gwadar port to Khunjerab-China boarder is more beneficial for local area of all Pakistani & is the cheapest and fastest route all inked.
CPEC infrastructureprojects, Gwadar port development, road infrastructure development, special economic zone, mass transit development efforts in Lahore, & fiber optics. Other projects, including railways, industrial economic zone development, and an international airport in Gwadar bring positive change in Pakistan economy and uplift of people’s life.
CPEC activities will increase in the levels of development among all provinces of Pakistan.
The CPEC not only brings new openings of trade and economic collaboration between Pakistan and China.CPEC will connect Pakistan to the One Belt One Road project and shortest access to the markets of Central Asia hub of natural resources,Tajikistan, and Europe as well. CPEC is project has local dimensions and it will give an incredible enhancement to Pakistan’s trade with China and other countries.
The CPEC is to lift the economy of Pakistan and to enhance Pakistan’s infrastructural & social development, it will boost trading and investment activities. CPEC will play a significantly important role for the whole economy of Pakistan and the region.