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CPEC targeted by terrorists

Terrorism is a disease that is spreading rapidly around the world. Pakistan has been facing various forms of terrorism since the 80s. All major cities of Pakistan have been affected by terrorism, but Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has the highest number of terrorist incidents while Balochistan is second. Pakistani and foreign nationals have been targeted by terrorists due to separatist, sectarian, ethnic and religious fundamentalists sponsored by enemy states. More than 70,000 people have been killed in terrorist attacks in Pakistan, while Pakistan’s economy has lost more than 150 billion dollars. There is no doubt about India’s involvement in terrorism in Pakistan. Indian intelligence agency “RAW” uses separatist organizations including Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) for terrorism in Pakistan for its purposes.
The recent suicide attack by terrorists in Bisham area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is also a link of this conspiracy. Five Chinese engineers and one Pakistani driver were killed in a terrorist suicide attack in Bisham. The sad incident of Bisham was actually a failed attempt to damage Pak-China friendship. Despite the death of five Chinese engineers, China has shown great patience and restraint. This action is a proof of China’s true and everlasting friendship with Pakistan.
This is not the first incident of terrorism, Chinese engineers and people associated with CPEC have been targeted by militant and separatist organizations many times before. On November 3, 2023, 14 security personnel were martyred in an attack on a convoy of security forces in Ormara area near Gwadar. On March 20, 2024, the Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) complex was attacked by BLA terrorists and tried to enter by firing. However, the security forces took action and killed all the eight terrorists. During the exchange of fire, two soldiers of Pakistan Army were martyred. Majeed Brigade of banned separatist organization Baloch Liberation Army accepted the responsibility of attack on Gwadar Port Authority Complex. In August last year, Majeed Brigade, an organization affiliated with the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), attacked a convoy of Chinese engineers in Gwadar, in which the Chinese residents remained safe. In the past, separatist organizations have also targeted security forces, Chinese interests and installations. It should be remembered that in 2021, there was an attack on the bus of Chinese engineers near Dasu project, 13 people including 9 Chinese citizens were killed in this attack. Dasu is the place where the construction of a dam is going on under an agreement between Pakistan and China. This is the second attack at this location. In April 2022, a female suicide bomber blew herself up in front of Karachi University’s Chinese Center, killing three Chinese teachers.
After the tragic incident in Bisham, Pakistan’s civilian and military leadership expressed regret over the death of Chinese nationals working on the Dasu Hydel Power Project and pledged once again that we will combat terrorism in a vigorous manner. The Prime Minister directed that a joint investigation of this incident should be carried out using all the resources of the state, and the criminals should be brought to book soon. While the Army Chief said that the enemies of Pakistan have once again misjudged the morale and determination of the state and the people of Pakistan. He assured that the perpetrators of this barbaric act will be brought to justice soon.
After this tragedy, the Chinese Foreign Minister has demanded Pakistan to trace the terrorists involved in the Basham attack, bring them to justice and conduct a full investigation of the incident as soon as possible. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also demanded effective measures to protect Chinese citizens, institutions and projects in Pakistan. China is also aware that hostile forces and terrorist organizations are not happy with the CPEC project and they want to scare it by doing terrorist activities. External forces want to create gulfs, misgivings and differences in Pakistan-China friendship, but they do not know that Pakistan-China friendship is deeper than the sea and stronger than steel.
An example of China’s enduring friendship with Pakistan is the CPEC project. The project includes upgrading Gwadar port, energy and communication systems and industrial zones. Under this project, China is investing more than 64 billion dollars. China has made this investment when no country was ready to invest. It is very gratifying that China is ensuring the implementation of CPEC projects despite all the hardships and loss of life. We should realize how useful this project can be for Pakistan. Completion of CPEC will not only strengthen our relations with China but also act as a bridge between South Asia and Central Asia and thus promote mutual trade and investment.
So we need to improve internal affairs as well as external enemies and conspiracies. Several outlawed separatist organizations of Balochistan have been strongly opposing CPEC in the province and have been attacking CPEC-related projects and Chinese residents across the country. Baloch extremists fear that CPEC will change the demography of their region. Federation wants to control our resources. There is an urgent need to change this thinking. To remove the obstacles to permanent peace and CPEC in Balochistan, it is necessary to have a meaningful dialogue with the real representatives of Balochistan, all schools of thought, nationalists and all stakeholders.
Along with economic crisis, Pakistan is also facing the monster of terrorism. Terrorism is an international threat that is used by the enemies of Pakistan to hinder the development and prosperity of Pakistan. Terrorism needs to be completely eradicated from the country. To achieve this goal, it is also necessary to take strict action against banned organizations, separatists and political and anti-patriotic elements within the country and to break their nexus. The officers and men of Pakistan Army are fighting day and night to destroy the terrorists and eliminate terrorism from the country without caring for their lives and are also offering their lives.