Curse of unemployment in Pakistan

A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune’s inequality exhibits under this sun.” – Thomas Carlyle
One of the world’s worst evils is unemployment. In our society, widespread unemployment creates a great number of social, economic, moral, and political challenges.Unemployment is an economic term used to describe the state of being unemployed. Unemployment denotes job insufficiency. It also signifies that man cannot find a career or a job, in accordance with his skills and abilities. Unemployment is one of Pakistan’s biggest challenges. The unemployment rate is increasing. The country’s socioeconomic system and institutions have failed to offer jobs for the growing labor force. The source of many evils and crimes is undoubtedly unemployment. It spells the victims of hunger, sickness, and death. Young people who do not have work or a source of income eventually become apathetic to right and wrong, good and evil. The inevitable result of unemployment is corruption, dishonesty, sin, crime, and all types of vices. Unemployment is particularly dangerous from the political point of view, as it creates discontent and the feeling of mass insecurity.Votes in a society where unemployment prevails can simply be bought and sold. The outcome of unemployment is also mob violence and uprisings. Nobody can be expected to be a true patriot with an empty stomach.
“Too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart” – William Butler Yeats. Dedication to the country and nation can be shaken by constant unemployment. Financial difficulties and concerns often lead their victims to an inferiority complex, hatred, and a lack of trust. Therefore, a country with excessive unemployment is essentially bound by instability, riot, anarchy, and terrorism to face up to the situation.
In Pakistan, millions of unemployed people can be counted. In 2020, Pakistan’s unemployment rate was about 4.45%, a little increase from 4.65% last year. So far there has been a lot of planning without positive results. Nearly every occupation is overcrowded. Even a university graduate cannot obtain a job in any workplace or school. The medical profession has no scope left at all. For the young doctors, finding any jobs in public hospitals becomes exceedingly tough. The courts also do not offer an official opening because the profession is heavily influenced by attorneys. For the young and promising engineers, the engineering field has no further scope. For many years, this has been a depressing and bleak picture of our country.
The causes of this pervasive evil are self-evident and apparent. First of all, our education system is flawed. It’s merely increasing the number of clerks. Pakistan certainly requires skilled hands because it is a developing country. Manual labor is hated by a young man with general and liberal training. While education lies within the government’s responsibilities, the private sector is also at the front and the situation is improving due to the private institutions’ professional approach. Moreover, Pakistan is not an industrialized country. Therefore, we are unable to employ many of our educated young people in the country’s industry. Thus, by putting up more factories, we will need to develop our industry to offer young people more jobs. Lastly, one of the key causes of rising unemployment is over-urbanization. Thousands of rural and village residents come to the major cities to look for a better jobs and to educate their children. This enormous and quick influx significantly worsened the situation
The way forward is; first, a huge number of villages that rush to larger cities should be monitored by the authorities. They should be given reasonable career opportunities. Second, a significant number of technical and vocational colleges should be established to train individuals for useful and profitable occupations. Thirdly, gender, color, and caste discrimination in the country should be removed. Equal employment opportunities should be given to women. Finally, it is necessary to establish self-employment programs and give adequate funding to qualified, trained workers.
Large-scale unemployment affects the country’s development very negatively. Unemployed people are not involved in the country’s progress. A comprehensive plan for fighting unemployment is therefore needed. This problem needs to be solved by struggle, national unity, and patience. We can get rid of this evil only after a long effort.

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