Daring girl hunts the hunter


History, in general and Islamic history, in particular is filled with the stories of valour and gallantry of women who showed unmatched bravery and wisdom at testing times and battles. Hazrat Sumayiha (razi Allah tallah anhaa) was the first martyred woman in Islam, who stood on faith and faced hardship and died for the cause. Following the footsteps of such daring women, there are many examples to be quoted.
One such act of bravery was shown by a young girl of daughter of Kashmore Reshma, who helped in arresting the main accused in a gang-rape case. Central Police Office of the Sindh police on November 16 2020, witnessed a rare occasion when seniors along with the IG Sindh, Mushtaq Mahar, stood in line to pay tribute to their juniors, ASI Allah Bux Buriro and his family.
Reshma, the daughter of ASI Muhammad Bux Buriro played an important role in capturing the gang a few days back where a woman and her four years old daughter were gang raped for two days and the daughter was kept as hostage. The incident ignited the anger and outrage among civil society and human rights activists. Appreciating the courage and public service of the father and daughter, #kashmoreincident and #kashmore tragedy have been trending top all over the country on twitter and social media.
The father of the girl Reshma, ASI Buriro could not control his emotions while addressing the ceremony organized in his honour where Sindh police seniors, civil society members, and government dignitaries, cricketer Yasir Shah were gathered to acknowledge the great service of ASI Mohammad Bux and his family; especially Reshma who did not care about her life. In fact her conviction to capture the culprit was so strong that he categorically asked his father not to get emotional even if the culprit touches her. Narrating the sequence of operation, he told the audience how he risked his own daughter’s safety in order to save the minor victim and catch the alleged suspect.
What is more important to highlight in this article/column is that there are many police officials, who have sacrificed their lives in the line of service and duty. However, what Allah Bux and her daughter have done is almost unique and extraordinary in the sense that how a young girl managed so much courage to be part of this operation and how a father, in presence of such cultural and social taboos, volunteered the modesty and life of her young daughter. Being a female rights activists and journalist, when I keep myself or any other (with urban background and so much liberty to exercise in social sphere), in Allah Bux or Reshma’s shoes, I hardly find a father who could risk his daughter life or a young girl who can have so much valour oat this age to handle the rapist and situation.
The woman from Karachi reported to the police on November 10, 2020 that she was duped by the suspect with a job offer. She went to Kashmore along with her daughter. She said that some men had released her after raping her for two days with the demand that she would bring them another girl from Karachi if she wanted her daughter to go free. She went to police station instead where the ASI’s daughter acted as a decoy and invited the suspect to a park. As soon as he arrived there, SSP Kashmore team arrested him (khud apne daam mai sayad aa gaya). However Rafiq was killed during the exchange of fire and others were nabbed.
Keeping in view, their unparalleled service to the society Prime Minister Imran Khan lauded the sacrifice of ASI Buriro and his daughter for the role they played in arresting the alleged suspect, Rafiq Malak. The premier also personally phoned the ASI.
IGP, Sindh Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar announced a reward of Rs2 million for the ASI and his daughter. The Sindh police chief has also nominated to the Centre to award Allah Bux Buriro, a Sitar-e-Shujaat and his daughter Reshma, a Sitara-e-Imtiaz for their gallantry and wisdom that resulted in the arrest of the prime suspect of the rape case. Mushtaq Mahar is commonly known for his kindness towards his police force. He occasionally makes an attempt to have a sitting with his juniors and listen to their grievances. He makes sure in all such sittings, to resolve their issues on urgent footing. However, by such manifestation of kindness and magnanimity in arranging a festive ceremony in honor of ASI and his family, he has boosted the morale of his force, who is commonly degraded in public due to some black sheep. IG Sindh also appreciated the team work of Kashmore police force under the supervision of SSP Kashmore, Amjad sheikh who played focal role in designing and supervising the entire operation.
Sindh government spokesperson, Murtaza Wahab has also commended the bravery of ASI and his daughter for their contributions. He said that the government would write to the Federal government for conferring the highest police and civil awards to father and daughter. “Further, if she wishes to pursue higher education, the expenses will be borne by the Sindh government,” he said, adding that she will also be given a cash award of Rs1 million.
After the stern and timely action by superior officials and recovery of woman and her child, civil society and activists are making stark comparison of IG Sindh with CPO Lahore, who reiterated his stance many times that a woman should not leave home at night when the national Highway tragedy occurred. People are lauding the seriousness and integrity of Mushtaq Mahar, who instead of blaming the woman that she should not have gone in lure of job with an unknown man, did his job as IGP Sindh.
In our society it is very easy to blame a woman but one would hardly find a man who supports woman, when she needs it. This was done by Sindh Police and Reshma, a young girl who perhaps do not know the meaning of “Women Empowerment” but she showed the society with her conviction and action. It’s high time that we leave our difference, fears and biases in a shelf and come forward to help each other in every capacity we can. If a young girl from an interior Sindh Kashmore can do. Why can’t we??? More power to you Reshma!!

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