Dasu bus incident: A challenge to act against terrorism

Pakistan and China enjoys an iron-clad friendship which has withstood the vicissitudes of time, the hostile forces to this friendship conducted a heinous attack to sabotage most awaiting and a very important 10th Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) meeting on CPEC which was scheduled to take place via video link on 16th July 2021 which has been postponed.
Entire Pakistan was in deep state of shock, pain and sorrow over the tragic incident of Dasu bus attack which resulted in loss of precious Chinese lives. Pakistani security agencies have ramped up security measures for Chinese citizens following the attack.
China called for the swift arrest of the attackers behind a bus blast in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province which killed Chinese nationals working on Dasu hydropower project.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian stressed on Pakistan to “severely punish” the perpetrators “and earnestly protect the safety of Chinese nationals, organizations and projects” in the country.
The bomb attack is handiwork of Afghanistan Baluchistan Liberation Front BLA terrorists being patronized by India and its notorious terrorist intelligence agency RAW.
Pakistan Army, government officials expressed heartfelt condolences over the loss of precious lives and assured & guaranteed best possible medical care to Chinese nationals injured in the incident.
Pakistani and Chinese security experts are jointly investigating the Dasu bus terror attack to trace the “hidden hands” behind the tragic incident.
Due to the rapid developing geo-political situation, Islamabad needs to embark upon a comprehensive policy and strategy to deal with its rather growing core objectives including economy, political and regional challenges to combat India’s nefarious designs especially under the light of the admission of Indian External Affairs Minister Jaishankar in which he openly stated the role of the Modi-led Indian government to ensure that Pakistan remains on the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).
Since its independence, Pakistan has had three full-scale wars and a limited one (all with India) have always raised Pakistan’s security concerns.
Pakistan need to adopt a very aggressive stance against India and there is a dire urgency of action required, breaking Delhi swift link with actualization of terrorist activities on Pakistani soil.
Pakistan has already paid a very heavy price to be the ally of USA in its “war against terror”. Pakistan should have stayed neutral as USA has always treated Pakistan as an ally with whom it face trust deficiency but still always force & prefer to drag Islamabad into complicated situations.
Pakistan has got India’s Research and Analysis Wing RAW involvement in sponsoring attacks launched across the Afghan border into Pakistan as well as America’s Central Intelligence Agency CIA involvement, because of its massive presence in Afghanistan.
India has a huge stake in Afghanistan and invested heavily there to destabilize and disintegrate Pakistan. Notorious Indian agency RAW has training camps in Afghanistan which they use cunningly to gather all splinter anti-Pakistan groups.
The terrorist activities of Indian terrorism and its clandestine designs against Pakistan evidences were even provided by Pakistan’s DG ISPR, Major General Babar Iftikhar through a dossier in November 2020.
Pakistan had been consistently sensitising the international community regarding incontrovertible evidence of Indian state-sponsorship & India’s involvement in planning, promoting, aiding, abetting, financing and execution of terrorist activities in the country.
The latest situation in Afghanistan has increased Indian’s frustration as they have shut down their embassy in Kabul and called off its staff to Delhi. Pakistan is expected to be heavily affected by the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan as Indian desperation and insecurities are getting evident day by day.
Indeed Dasu bus attack was terrorist attack, given simmering opposition towards China’s investments and projects like CPEC in Pakistan. The blast was made to deter Chinese investment or the progress of the Dasu power plant in Pakistan. It was the worst attack by hostile countries like India and USA so far to befall Chinese nationals working on various infrastructure projects that are part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – a US$65 billion investment plan which aims to connect western China to the Arabian Sea port of Gwadar in southern Pakistan.
Dasu incident is an attempt to damage Pakistan-China ties and to sabotage mega development projects in progress under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
The CPEC is a pivotal project for Beijing to abandon simply because of the risk of terror attacks, however China has shown strong reaction to take firm action against the perpetrators of the Dasu bus attack giving a very aggressive message to the elements involved in the incident that China will go to any extent to ensure the security of its citizens in any part of the world and will leave no stone un turn against those targeting its nationals in any part of the world.
China is fully aware of the fact that CPEC is being covertly targeted by intelligence agencies and countries hostile to China’s growing footprint in global and regional politics.
However Chinese leadership is wise enough to understand the international conspiracies and China rather seems to be undeterred as it is always willing to stomach a lot of risks when it comes to investing in volatile spaces like in parts of sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.
Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong called on Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa at General Headquarters (GHQ) in wake of the recent Dasu bus incident killing Chinese citizens. Both sides agreed on need for continuous engagement and coordination to stay strong to thwart designs of all inimical forces challenging their resolve particularly those threatening China-Pakistan strategic cooperation.
China and Pakistan both the countries have expressed their resolve and commitment to fight terrorism together.
Although, Pakistan Army and its agencies are fully ready to exterminate all threats to national peace and security but it is wisely said and demanded by Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi that “Lessons should be learned from the incident, and the security measures for China-Pakistan cooperation projects should be further strengthened to ensure the safe and smooth operation of all projects,”.
Pakistan need to develop a “whole-of-state-and-society approach to counter terrorism in the country.

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