Day-dreaming to a blessed reality

What is the big harm in at least day-dreaming sweet and positive in national politics amid a horrendous and hopeless situation? What is the big deal in at least wishful thinking for our fancied or favourite politicians when the stark reality of a dark trajectory persists? What a cracking joke of the century visualizing or fantasizing better and brighter picture of national politics!
It tantamount to making a mockery or cracking a joke eulogizing our politicians sincerely and honestly thinking and trying to rise over and above self and ego, conqueor fears and dreads, sink differences and difuse tensions so very detrimental to national security and stability indispensable for socio-economic development and for their own very public image and political survival.
For the so caring and sharing fellow citizens the most concerning and alarming part of the “political game” is that the players are so very sentimental and hysterical for petty gains and false glory that they are bewitched and bewildered to be conscious of the unforeseen and unexpected security, financial and image-saving risks for themselves, their families, near and dear ones.
Hair-raising and harrowing concerns of the public are that there is hardly any leadership what to talk of statesmanship to pacify and guide the masses who seem to be confused followers with rudderless leadership amid vociferous alarms of sheer helplessness adding to the agonies of sky-rocketing prices, law and order situation, world disrepute and many a disrupted family.
All said and tried in vain the core issue seems to be psychological. The destructive political state of mind is directly proportional to the obnoxiously adulterated veins and arteries of the blood circulatory system that must be addressed without ridicules and mockeries by a “PSYCHO-MEDICAL BOARD” with psychologists and therapists for guidance and problem-solving.
Imagine for a change in letter and spirit Pakistan as our home with all its citizens being family members. Can we, especially our few able, noble, humble and gentle leaders, show vision and heart to accommodate family members of our own home Pakistan with respect, dignity, honour and learn to co-exist peacefully and gracefully with different views or opinions and clashing or conflicting interests?!
We trust those few or handful of silent yet distinguished leaders and statesmen devising towards a better and brighter Pakistan “out of the box” models and “bonds of trust” amid fellow feeling, mutual respect, love, peace, justice, tolerance, sacrifice as leading from the front in our Quaid”s motto of “uniity, faith, discipline”, realistically and not ritualistically.
If leaders and followers have full faith in Allah the most beneficent and merciful and have true love for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sm), the Messenger of Mercy for humankind, we can turn the dream of. our national poet Allama Iqbal into a refreshing reality for us and our children ushering in an era of illumination and enlightenment for a better and brighter Pakistan.

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