Democracy in Pakistan

Democracy in Pakistan : The word Democracy is derived from two Greek words: “Demos: meaning people and “Kratos” meaning power. Broadly, it means rule of the people. According to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America democracy is “the government of the people, for the people and by the people.” These three words broadly clarify the value and importance to the people in a democratic country. It is form of the government where the representatives are elected by the people to take steps for their (people) welfare. Unfortunately, in Pakistan democracy means: the parliamentarians take steps for their {own} welfare such as illegal money, properties, promote nepotism and favouritism. Besides, it is a tool used for making people fool because democracy means peoples’ rule, equality, freedom of expression, justice and rule of law but here in lieu of people’ rule people are ruled by force. One is powerful and second weak; it is a pity to say that masses are not free from fear. Additionally, at the time of elections masses are told that they {politicians} would be with them through thick and thin so as they could get votes and, on the whole, they don’t abide by their promises when elected. Furthermore, it is a jest with the people where common masses are considered creeping insects on the land. I am taken aback to see that they never act as they say and people are in a fix owing to the untrustworthiness of politicians. To sum up, I urge the government to root out illiteracy and unemployment to protect our national and constitutional rights.
Turbat, Balochistan

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