Democracy’s Battle cry

Democracy is much talked word in Pakistan, loved by our leaders because it gives you free hand to loot, receive kickbacks in contracts without any fear of law and accountability Unfortunately democracy in Pakistan has been used as a tool to come in to power and then it is turned it in to dictatorship. Let us find out why we failed to practice democracy in real sense that in turn has brought great harm to the country. Painful to mention that this very democracy has snatched half of our country and we all took it lightly except our valiant armed forced who faced criticism for 30 years to make the nation understand that it was deep routed conspiracy right from the day we got independence and it was failure on the part of political leadership that resulted in the dismemberment of the country. Even today the blame game is on and no one is ready to accept his failure. It was so unfortunate that democracy was buried when majority leader of former East Pakistan was denied his right to form the government. Let us first understand the meaning of democracy before moving further.
The word democracy comes from the Greek word “Demos” meaning people and “kratos” the power so democracy could be called ” Power of the people”. In brief it is defined as ” Government of the people, for the people and by the people”. The beauty of this democracy is that the system allows any citizen of Pakistan to take part in elections and get to the highest seat to become prime minister of Pakistan.It is so unfortunate that our democracy remained confined to few families who were filthy rich and they never allowed anyone to come in their way. In Pakistan the democracy became the servant of elite politicians and it remained restricted to two to three renowned politicians zardaris and Sharifs and Chowdhry ‘s.The so called democracy has been badly wounded it has come out openly and is screaming, it wants to address us all.Let uslisten what it has to say
My name is Democracy, you are all familiar with this name. I am the one that was handed over to waderas, jagirdars and rich people after division of sub continent.Government servants joined hands and treated me badly. On the other side were politicians they also took advantage and embarrassed me and enjoyed their life but failed to look after me. Ulemas finding opportunity also came close to me but failed to rectify the situation because they all started fighting each other that added to my problems. They enjoyed making huge banners by displaying my name in bold letters to derive maximum benefits. In my name they toured various countries of the world and even for minor ailment went abroad for treatment and I was given disprin. In my name they purchased expensive bullet proof cars and constructed huge palaces whereas I was not even allowed to be comfortable in huts.To bring improvement in my health borrowed billions of rupees instead spending on me this loan was utilized in purchasing properties outside Pakistan
How sad it is instead looking after me I have been torn apart, destroyed my image everywhere. In my own country I have been insulted so badly, now everyone hates me. I prefer to hide my face, outside world I have become laughing stock. After drawing maximum benefits have been prisoned. Is this return of my favor’s, my kindness, and my services round the clock. Remember on the dayof judgement you have to answer all these questions. What I have done to you very fond of handing me over to army at regular interval. But I am very happy, am now in safe hands no one can harm me. These people are very kind to me looking after me well and proper and are busy removing all type of wrinkles from my body.The process is slow but are trying to correct the wrong doings ,have no objection at all. 75 years of disorder shall take time to heal my wounds, are trying to create fresh energy so that I could raise my head with pride. I request the boss don’t worry about those who are still taking my name their ultimate role is over. It is true I am being pushed towards my ancestors at the same time shout “Pakistan Zindabad”. I don’t want to go back with wounded body neither want crutches. I want to shoulder responsibilities once up on the road.
No one loves me they only love my name. Everyone has seen their real face right from morning till late night startcriticizing the government, the functionaries, the institutions. While addressing people take my name cry for help to protect and support me. But you should ignore and don’t worry carry on this work I am with you. I have heard you are holding local bodies elections to strengthen me, for that I thank you but request you to delete the dead and include new voters who love me a lot. Ayub Khan tried me under basic democracy but since lovers only loved democracy therefore that experiment failed because barbers, coblers and waiters tried to capture me. I believe this time again demarcation boundaries, limits are incomplete. For God sake stop further experimentation I am literally fed up treat me according to existing laws.At the end I request you to free me so that I join my poor people who have always looked after me . I don’t want to go back to my looters because they never respected me. Time and again repeatedly I was humiliated. I have tolerated enough nonsense and have no intention to go back and join them. The gardener who cannot look after the garden I would not like to become the flower of that garden. slot pulsa slot slot online slot88