Development of digital media under focus

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz has said that the government is laying special focus on development of digital media, as it has attained tremendous significance in dissemination of information.
The information minister was talking to Mexican President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Gabriela Cuevas Barron.
Giving his views on the print and electronic media landscape in Pakistan, Shibli Faraz said it has undergone complete transformation over the past years in terms of outreach and gaining influence in shaping up public opinion.
The minister also informed the IPU president about the working and functioning of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and its various departments.
Both sides also emphasized the need for cooperation in the fields of information and tourism between Pakistan and Mexico.
Meanwhile, Information Minister Shibli Faraz has said that his father and renowned Urdu poet Ahmad Faraz always raised voice against the excesses and oppression perpetrated in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), Palestine or any other part of the world.
He was talking to the media persons here at H-8/1 graveyard on the occasion of the death anniversary of Ahmad Faraz.
The information minister said that humanity and the people of this country were the constituency of Ahmad Faraz who always gave the message of peace and love.
He said Ahmad Faraz was sincere in his message. He was a brave person who never compromised on his principles. He said the love Ahmad Faraz received from the people has no parallel in the country’s literary history. He said the work of great poets such as Ahmad Faraz is the guidance for all of us.
Meanwhile, addressing an event organized by Pakistan Academy of Letters here on Tuesday in connection with the death anniversary of Ahmad Faraz, Shibli Faraz emphasized the need for promoting literary work of different writers and poets to acquaint the youth with their rich heritage and true values.
The information minister said the literary work of Pakistan’s great poets and writers also provide solutions to the problems faced by the society. He said the contemporary writers should continue their struggle to link the people of the country with their values and traditions.
Referring to the work of Ahmad Faraz, the information minister said that he had a deep connection with the people and his message was based on honesty and sincerity. He said Ahmad Faraz always raised his voice for the oppressed people. – TLTP

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