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Dewan Motors Introduces Honri VE: A Comprehensive Look at the New EV 2024

Dewan Motors has unveiled its latest electric vehicle, the Honri VE, marking a significant step in the company’s foray into the electric vehicle market. The Honri VE boasts impressive dimensions, a sleek exterior, a well-appointed interior, robust performance, and a suite of safety features, making it a promising option for eco-conscious consumers.

The Honri VE is designed to be compact yet spacious. The vehicle measures 3517mm in length, 1495mm in width, and 1660mm in height. It has a wheelbase of 2495mm, providing ample cabin space, and a ground clearance of 130mm, ensuring a smooth ride over various road conditions.

The Honri VE’s exterior is both stylish and functional. It features disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear, paired with 155/65/R15 tires and alloy rims for a balanced and stable ride. Key exterior highlights include:

Rear Spoiler: Enhances the vehicle’s aerodynamics and sporty look.
Halogen Height Adjustable Front Headlamps: Ensures optimal visibility in various driving conditions.
Dual Tone Side View Mirrors with Indicators: Improves safety and adds a touch of elegance.
Chrome and Black Front Grille: Adds a sophisticated touch to the vehicle’s front.
Daytime Running Lights (DRLs): Provides better visibility during the day.

Inside, the Honri VE offers a comfortable and technologically advanced environment:

Electric Power Steering: Provides effortless maneuvering.
Knob Type Transmission: Simplifies gear changes.
4-Way Seat Adjustment for Both Driver and Passenger: Ensures maximum comfort.
Rear View Camera: Assists in safe parking and reversing.
Front and Rear Electric Windows: Adds convenience.
Rear Seat Folding: Increases cargo space.
5-Inch Color Instrument Cluster: Displays essential driving information.
10.25-Inch Infotainment Screen with Android System: Offers entertainment and connectivity features.
220V AC Charging Gun: Facilitates easy and efficient charging.

Under the hood, the Honri VE is equipped with a Ternary Lithium Battery and a Permanent Synchronous Motor. This combination delivers a maximum power output of 30Kw and 84Nm of torque, allowing the vehicle to reach a top speed of 100km/h. The EV also features:

Charging Time: 7 hours for a full charge.
Range: 200 kilometers per charge.
Driving Modes: Economy and Sports, catering to different driving preferences.
Regenerative Braking System: Helps in energy recovery and extends the driving range.

Safety Features
Safety is a top priority in the Honri VE, which includes a range of features to protect its occupants:

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS): Prevents wheel lockup during sudden braking.
Braking Force Distribution System (EBD): Ensures optimal braking force across all wheels.
Driver-Only SRS Airbag: Provides protection for the driver in case of a collision.
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): Alerts the driver of any significant changes in tire pressure.
ISOFIX Child Seat Interface: Ensures the secure installation of child seats.
Low Speed Pedestrian Warning: Enhances pedestrian safety.
Automatic Lock While Driving: Secures the vehicle when in motion.
Automatic Unlock After Collision: Facilitates easy exit after an accident.
Rear Parking Sensors: Assists in safe parking.
The Honri VE by Dewan Motors stands out as a versatile and efficient electric vehicle, equipped with modern features and robust safety systems. Its compact design, coupled with advanced technology and performance capabilities, makes it an ideal choice for urban commuting and beyond.


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