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Diplomatic Forum hosts Iftar dinner reception

KARACHI: In a gesture of communal harmony and diplomatic fellowship, the esteemed members of the Diplomatic Forum, namely Shaikh Jehangir Ishtiaq, Khurram Ishtiaq, and Fahad Ishtiaq, extended warm hospitality by hosting an Iftar cum dinner reception at their residence in Defence, Karachi, says a Press release.
The event garnered notable attention as it brought together a diverse array of esteemed guests including diplomats, government officials, Commissioners, Chief Commissioners LTO / RTOs and prominent figures from the business realm.
Among the distinguished attendees were Provincial Minister of Excise and Taxation for Sindh, SharjeelInamMemon, and the esteemed Mayor Karachi, Barrister MurtazaWahab, both of whom graced the occasion with their presence. Additionally, Syed Salahuddin Ahmed, the Managing Director of the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board,President Diplomatic Forum Asif Haroon, Aman Peer lent further prominence to the gathering with his participation.
The event also witnessed the esteemed presence of diplomatic representatives including Maxim Basak from the Russian Consulate, and Trade Officer Stanislav Toporov, adding an international flavor to the evening.
The ambiance was one of conviviality and camaraderie as guests from various walks of life mingled and exchanged pleasantries, reinforcing the spirit of unity and mutual respect.
The Iftar and dinner organized by the Diplomatic Forum stand as a testament to the power of communal harmony and international cooperation, setting a shining example for fostering amicable relations across borders and cultural divides.

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