Discussion on Muslims’ role in US Presidential elections

Nuzaira Azam

WASHINGTON: The world is going through extraordinary and unique times of history. The pandemic has affected the world economy, politics, social systems, health care, and individual lives. United States 59th quadrennial Presidential election will be held on November 3 this year in this unprecedented era.
The voters will select presidential electors, who will vote on December 14 to elect a new President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Hariss, or reelect President Donald Trump and Mike Pence.
Usually, the election period is an exciting time in the US, but this year stillness is prevailing, especially from the Democrat side, while President Trump addresses election rallies.
The Pakistani American Press Association organized an interactive session to discuss Muslims’ role in the US Presidential elections. Chairman for “Muslim Americans for Trump,” a Republican leader Sajid Tarar and Democrat leader Dr. Anwar Masood, talked about their respective parties’ policies.
Sajid Tarar talked about democracy and the American dream; he highlighted the fundamental difference between the two parties and urged the Muslim community to vote. Tarar portrayed Muslims as “have leaning towards Trump” and said that in elections 2020 Muslims will vote for Trump. He described President Trump as a leader who fulfilled all promises he made with the American Public. “He should be elected for the second term for the supremacy of law in the country,” Tarar added. He criticized and alleged the Democrat party for the riots [during the George Floyd protests] in the country.
On a question about Coronavirus, he said that there would be a vaccine in 21 days, but he was skeptical that the “China Virus” did not spread in China but came to the US, India, and North Korea. On another question relating to President Trump, Tarar was sure that he would be elected for the second term and said that “President Trump is not a person of establishment, but a public leader.” Tarar is concerned that President Trump has a challenge from the deep state.
Dr. Anwar Masood detailed the diversity that made the Democratic Party a popular and welcoming party for all races and immigrants. They will never stop any immigrant [to enter the US], he added. He said that due to Trump policies a wide range of immigration issues took place.
Masood criticized the Republican party for favoring only one section of the American society and left others. He considered President Trump as “failure in dealing with the pandemic,” and said that Corona is a lethal virus and not a China Virus. “It [pandemic] was downplayed to win the elections. He was critical of the attitude of Republicans who call the Democratic Party a socialist party and said that the public needs to know that Socialism and Communism have died, “it is ended and gone,” he added.
Earlier, Khurram Shahzad, president of PAPA, welcomed the two speakers from the Democratic and Republican parties and the attendees. Yousuf Choudhry, General Secretary, briefly spoke about the rules of the discussion. Saqibul Islam, the information secretary, moderated the program.

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