Doctoring the pandemic

Specialized is the term “doctoring” but horrendous is the onslaught of an endemic. And when it is the proliferation of worldwide corona in Pakistan, it is a question of our out- of-the-ordinary doctors, nurses and paramedics to cope with the situation. That means second to none medical skills, acumen, class, caliber and exemplary will power and determination with sincerity of purpose and sanctity of the medical profession.
Come corona Pakistan and sixth sense doctors, nurses and paramedics, attuned to and acclimatized with self-censored self-accountability, rise over and above self and mobilize on their own to join a noble cause with concerned authorities of serving the pandemic hit souls.
From Karachi to KPK, the cities, towns, districts and tehsils of Pakistan, in the grip of one of the deadliest viruses, the corona virus, being met by our equally resilient medical practioners with untold and unparalleled sacrifices worth heeding and acknowledging.
One thing is quietly inherent that in the heart of their hearts our private and public sectors or government and NGOs, our leaders and intelligentsia are patriotic and well-intentioned barring differences of opinion needed to be resolved sooner or later with emotional maturity, seriousness of purpose and penetrative thinking. The earlier the better before it is too late, please.
Looming over the national horizon along with the corona scare are also prophets of despair and discord with tendencies of leg-pulling and mud-slinging hampering or threatening to hamper the check or control on corona, the deadliest pandemic of contemporary times.
It has to be borne in mind even by naysayers, egoistic and vanity-stricken powers or critics merely for criticism that it is in their own interest to defeat the pandemic by rising over self, sinking differences and pacify for their own sake, safety and security as corona knows no one and spares no one amid infighting, complacency and neglecting SOPs.
Attributing our selfless and sacrificing doctors, nurses and paramedics, it is felt straight from the heart and right from the soul that these altruistic and angel-like professionals are themselves human beings: beloved fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, rising uniquely and exemplarily over self and home towards the noble and humble cause in addressing the corona-stricken and defeating this very pandemic in Pakistan.
Tributes are very sincerely due for the sweetest, nicest and loveliest home mates of our medical messiahs against the pandemic who proudly see their heart parts scattering and serving humankind so silently, selflessly and supremely indeed.

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