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Documentary series portrays successful journey of Turkish President R. Tayyip Erdogan

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ISLAMABAD: Dr. Furqan Hameed, the head of TRT’s Urdu service, Turkey’s state-owned broadcasting agency, a columnist, and the Urdu translator for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has embarked on the creation of the inaugural Urdu documentary series featured on the TR-URDU YouTube channel.
This series unfolds the compelling narrative of President Erdogan’s triumphant life, spanning his childhood, present circumstances, and the upcoming municipal elections slated for March 2024.
The documentary delves into President Erdogan’s early challenges during his primary school education, the dynamics of Imam Hatip schools, and the intriguing choice to enroll despite the conventional role of conducting funeral prayers for graduate students and leading prayers in mosques. It explores the journey of President Erdogan, a talented football player barred by his father from pursuing a professional career. Despite graduating from Imam Hatip, it illuminates how he secured admission to Marmara University, paving a smoother path for graduate students from similar schools. The program also investigates the catalysts behind his entry into politics and the seminal moments in his political career.
The narrative further unfolds the rise of Necmettin Erbakan as the mayoral candidate for Istanbul, Erdogan’s transformative leadership as the Mayor of Istanbul, and his resilience in the face of imprisonment and a conspiracy to overturn his government on July 15, 2016. The program explores the public’s unwavering support and the remarkable events that unfolded, such as people laying down in front of tanks in response to their beloved leader’s call.
Additionally, the series delves into Erdogan’s consolidation of power, the shift from a parliamentary to a presidential system, and the achievements resulting from this transition. It sheds light on Erdogan’s strategies to regain control over the economy post an economic crisis and his success in the challenging 2023 presidential elections. The documentary culminates with an exploration of why the 2024 municipal elections are considered the easiest in Erdogan’s political career.
Dr. Furqan Hameed endeavors to answer these questions in his documentary series, unveiling facts previously unknown to Urdu-speaking audiences. Over the past 25 years, through his columns and the Urdu website, Dr. Furqan Hameed has been a key source of comprehensive information, contributing significantly to the understanding of Turkiye in Pakistan.
Having returned to Pakistan after an extended period, he commemorates the centenary of Turkiye’s founding and the 75 years of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Turkiye. On this occasion, he conducts a series of events in various universities in Pakistan, enlightening audiences about the enduring relationship between Turkiye and Pakistan.

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