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Empowering women through financial education: DGF and BIMWB host training session

KARACHI: PR guru Shanaz Ramzi headlines a LadiesFund entrepreneurial training at the Buraq Center hosted by Dawood Global Foundation and sponsored by Bank Islami Mashal Women Banking, with the support of the State Bank of Pakistan, says a Press release.
The event, designed to equip women with essential financial knowledge and skills, as well as strong entrepreneurial guidance for start-ups, featured distinguished speakers Ayesha Ashraf Jangda (Head of Women Banking at Bank Islami), Faryal Aslam (Assistant Director of the Financial Inclusion Division at the State Bank of Pakistan), and keynote by Shahnaz Ramzi (CEO of Starlinks PR).
Both financial speakers shared invaluable insights and expertise on the critical subject of financial education and literacy programs. Faryal Aslam, leveraging her extensive experience in financial inclusion at the State Bank of Pakistan, provided comprehensive guidance on financial strategies and inclusive practices. Her expertise illuminated key avenues for women’s economic empowerment through informed financial decision-making. Ayesha Jangda focused on Bank Islami’s offerings for women.
Shahnaz Ramzi, globally recognized CEO and businesswomen, captivated the audience with her visionary approach toward entrepreneurship and customer service in a talk titled “What Does a Woman Want? To Build and Grow Her Business: Learn from Shanaz Ramzi entrepreneurial tips on how to elevate your business – from idea to execution by overcoming fears and challenges.” Her address shed light on the pivotal role of excellence in fostering financial independence and success, emphasizing practical tools and resources.
Speaking on the occasion, while throwing light on the key factors that have resulted in her company’s rapid growth and bagging of numerous awards both national and international, Shahnaz Ramzi stated, “For us it has never been about just making money – customer satisfaction is of paramount importance, and to achieve that even if we have to go the extra mile, we always do. We follow the age-old maxim ‘The customer is always right’ and I find that has been our strength as it inspires client’s confidence in us.”
The training session witnessed enthusiastic participation from women eager to enhance their financial acumen and secure their economic futures. Attendees engaged in interactive discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, fostering a collaborative environment for learning and growth.
“We believe that empowering women through financial education is pivotal for societal progress and economic stability,” stated Tara Uzra Dawood, President at Dawood Global Foundation. “This training session marks a significant step toward ensuring that women have the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the financial landscape effectively.”
“Lack of awareness about banking products is one of the reasons for gender gap in financial inclusion in Pakistan. In order to bridge the gap, BankIslami has launched the initiative of Mashal Talks – Financial Education and Literacy program. We are grateful to collaborate for this Mashal Talks session with State Bank of Pakistan and LadiesFund. This program provided women participants, majority of them, entrepreneurs, an opportunity to network and gather useful tips beneficial for their own entrepreneurship journeys,” Ayesha Ashraf Jangda, Senior Manager, Women Financial Services at BankIslami Pakistan Limited.
The collaboration between Dawood Global Foundation and Bank Islami Mashal Women Banking underscores their commitment to fostering financial inclusion and empowerment among women in Pakistan. Such initiatives aim to bridge the gender gap in financial literacy, enabling women to make informed financial decisions and contribute meaningfully to the economy.