Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Don’t cry for Palestine

Don’t cry for Palestine. If you are really interested cry on yourself, we are crying for 75 years what we gained, what we achieved the answer is nothing. Muslims all over the world are being killed it had no effect on anybody. In response we simply curse them, scold them verbally and pray Allah to help them. In Bosnia thousands of Muslims were killed, In Burma our memories are still fresh where 25000 Rohingya Muslims were killed, tens of thousands raped 7 lac refugees fled abroad. The world remained silent spectator. What happened in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan? Those who killed were all Muslims. There are 55 Muslim countries with 1.6 billion people and over 22 Arab states. They all failed to deliver single bottle of water to thirsty Palestinians, as this was not enough the neighboring countries closed their borders to stop crossing of Palestinians and aid. They all needed permission from US.
Everybody is looking for an answer why the Muslim world is helpless in stopping Israel from genocide going on in Palestine. Why Muslim umma is quiet? Except Iran no country is pushed about genocide going on since 7 October. Nonstop bombardment killing thousands infant had no effect on any country of the world. US continues to support Israel and regularly supplying latest weapons against unarmed civilians. UN virtually now exists on papers and is hostage in the hands of US. Protests all over the world in millions has not helped Palestinians they continue bleed day and night. Where are human rights organizations? Where is international media? On one hand we have unarmed population and they are facing Israel trained army with most modern and sophisticated weapons with over 250 F-16 pounding Ghaza on the other hand entire world including OIC have miserably failed to end bombing and siege of Gaza. In 35 days since 7 October 13000 people killed, including 4,650 children or minors. In addition, 202 medical personnel have been killed and 3,600 civilians, including 1,750 children, have been declared missing. This killing is going on without any break. UN which is supposed to protect and save lives of innocent people from any aggressor has shown complete helplessness due to control of US that has virtually turned UN in to United Nations of USA. Since inception UN has major drawback in its formation that is existence of Veto powers authorised to 5 countries US, China, Great Britain, Germany and Russia who can overrule stop any resolution adopted by majority of the members of UN. There are two countries that have eternally been engaged in seeking their right for freedom to decide their future – Kashmir and Palestine; UN has miserably failed to do justice with them. UN resolutions means nothing to this august world body. The murderous assault on the Palestinians is slap on the face of world leaders who continue to watch genocide of Palestinians of all ages including new borns and don’t speak and stop Israel to stop bombing on Gaza specially hospitals. Joe Biden says it was rocket fired by Hamas that fell on Gaza hospital killing 500 people looks biggest joke of the century.
The UNSC resolutions are meaningless; the long struggles have seen generations of Kashmir and Palestine give their blood endlessly to their cause. But it still falls far short of the pain threshold of those sitting in judgment on who will realise freedom and who will continue to suffer repression under the might of state power that controls their existence. Two Christian nations got their independence; two sets of Muslim populations did not, despite their struggle being longer and bloodier, with children and women the prime targets of a deliberate and organised genocide.
We prayed for Iraq. We prayed for Libya. We prayed for Afghanistan. We prayed for occupied Kashmir. Now we are praying for Palestine with end result of death and destruction.

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