Drop animosity, embrace unity

Drop animosity, embrace unity

Khawaja Asif a senior and seasoned politician of Pakistan at present Defence Minister of Pakistan is known to make fiery speeches in the parliament. He has always been very critical about institutions and criticises them without any reservations. His hatred speech against army in 2015 still echoes in the parliament and still available on net in which he crossed the red line without any fear of law and accountability.

While making speech in the parliament on 19 October 2022 he urged the political leadership to take initiative to find permanent solution of people of Baluchistan and suggested to establish truth and reconciliation commission. While speaking on the floor he made a very disturbing statement asking all the institutions to take the issue of Baluchistan seriously and come out with solution and “keep federating units with the federation”.

This statement is certainly highly objectionable and that too coming out from Defence Minister otherwise is in bad taste. His party has been in power for decades what prevented them not to resolve their issues. It is very simple to put blame on others that helps in house fighting and the issue that needs attention is lost in this duo. Problems are everywhere, provinces have now complete autonomy and freedom of action after 18th amendment and centre has very little role to play. Resources are allocated to provinces according to settled terms who are independent to spend the way they like. Maintaining law and order is the responsibility of provinces and centre always extends help when needed. His suggestions were also endorsed by Sherry Rahman and Mohsin Dawar.

The BNP leader raised issue of missing persons and people being killed in fake encounters by declaring as terrorists, this should never happen. But what surprised many is the response of Defence Minister who said that points raised by Akhtar Mengal and situation in Baluchistan are genuine and these should be addressed. But he failed to highlight the killings of soldiers and FC personnel in Baluchistan deployed on security duties. Who are the people targeting law enforcement people inside our own territory deployed to protect the life and property of people of Baluchistan. They are laying down their own lives by giving sacrifices to ensure safety of the people. He did mention about 53 personnel and a three star general embracing martyrdom in defending their homeland but failed to point out who were responsible for such anti state activities.

It is good idea to establish truth and reconciliation commission but after finding the truth we enter into reconciliation it will be of no use, instead it should be “truth and punishment commission” so that after finding the truth people could be punished. After 1971 war Bhutto set up Hamoodur Rahman Commission but report never saw the light of the day perhaps there was much of truth. A part of report was released by India that was to everybody’s surprise however later on some excerpts were also published in our papers.

As long as there is no consensus amongst various political parties on political disputes the issues can never be resolved. There is definite requirement for all the political parties to enter in to serious discussion on disputed issues and resolve them once for all. By blaming each other there will be no result. Secondly politicians should stop this rhetoric “Hum Pakistan ko bachana chahtay hain”, Pakistan is in safe hands, and most of them were not born when Pakistan was created and what and how many people sacrificed in creating this home land. Politicians should have pity on this nation and end their internal differences that keep them in permanent confrontation.

At present all the institutions have collapsed as a result richer is getting richer and poor is getting poorer. There is rule of law but on papers, might is right has replaced the laws. All governments without any exception has to share responsibility in creating present mess and disorder. It has been collective wisdom that did more harm to Pakistan than doing anything good Question arises who is going to put an end to the lawlessness in this land of pure? Who is going to mend the wrong doings? What are our national goals? What are our objectives as a nation? Will there be an end to internal fights between various political parties? Disunity brings more hatred and confrontation and destruction, the only sufferer’s are the poor and the country.

This must be acknowledged that transition has not been smooth, that’s not the way of implementing vote of no confidence, it was unique transfer of power therefore rejected by people. As it was not enough ECP has disqualified IK on an alleged case of misdeclaration of assets. It is interesting in spite of SC decision only court can disqualify a member under Article 62(1) (f) but IK has been disqualified under Article 63(1) (p). The ECP has exceeded from its powers, the decision is being challenged in IHC it shall be declared null and void. I was happy to hear a very professional and mature remark from former PM Khaqan Abbasi that disqualification of IK is not happy news what he meant that political battles should be fought politically.

Another happy news that good work done by army and PTI in completing conditions of FATF has produced positive results and Pakistan is now out of grey list. HBL also deserves appreciation for extending consultancy services to government .The country needs unity, the country needs consensus, the country needs complete understanding and unanimity on national issues. We have made lot of fun of ourselves internationally let us join hands to prove the world that we are no more crowd of people but a strong and responsible nation with most powerful armed forces beside being atomic power.