Dwindling reading habits

The reading pattern of Kashmir youth have taken a dive in the recent years which experts admit is going to have a negative effect in their prolific tendency and scientific wisdom. Long before some unknown intelligent has said that “books are the greatest darling of man”. Normally reading books always help in cram the humor and is designed the best way of boost the schooling among students. On the other hand, the fashion of book reading among students is dying out in valley. Many parents and educational examiners feel that there are several circumstances which have determined mass of young perceptions and is blocking them from ensuing books other than their syllabus related ones.
This deteriorating trend is mainly due to credence of students more on bathetic material available in market, consider many parents and teachers. With the booming number of private educational coaching centers in the valley, students do not consume time in reading books while preparing for exams. Huge number of parent’s dibs that the study material offered by private coaching centers and less detailed books available in market has handicapped the minds of many students. Due to this trend, they are not ready to spend time in reading books and swell their circle of ability.
Educational investigators added two more factors in declining of reading culture among students. They attack the latest communication gadgets-internet and electronic media for it. Today a large portion of Kashmiri students depend on internet for their study material. They feel it less time consuming and much cheaper than the books available in the market.
Majority of youngsters today are trying to comfort their minds by the titillating content thrown at them by media. They prefer to utilize their time in watching the sort of media content than spending time in reading books.
I think there is a difference between a book and an e-book. Similarly reading a book and listening to a book are also two different activities. The question of reading of books doesn’t pertain to one particular class, country or section, category etc. . . It’s about overall reading habits. This is what I understand. The interpretations may be different. Everyone’s understanding is an addition to our perception and knowledge. So welcomes everyone’s views. Happy reading! Thanks and regards for sharing.
Reading is dead, deceased, pushing up daisies. People are growing increasingly lazy, lured by the siren of electronic toy that fill up their lives with meaningless noise. A thousand new ways to fill up our time .With distractions we worship like gods in a shirne: YouTube, Face book, big-screen TVs and mobile phones smarter than I’ll ever be. People are getting hooked on media. TV, movies, video games and YouTube have pulled people’s attention. Also, our literacy level has dropped so people don’t read, or use dictionaries.
There are some reasons why reading is so important?
Self-improvement: Reading does help you form a better you, doesn’t it? Through reading, you begin understand the world more. Through reading, you begin to have a greater understanding on a topic that interest you; for example: how to build self confidence, how to make plan better before taking action, how to memorize things better and more. All of these self improvements start from the reading; through reading, you create a structured path towards a better understanding and better actions to take in the future.
Reading is immensely important for multiple reasons. In fact, it is such an essential block for building a good life that I cannot think of it otherwise.
Just to point out few reasons as to why reading is so important, here you go: It helps us to build good vocabulary. There is no other way to learn a language thoroughly than to read books. Reading gives you a command over language which no other activity can offer.
It improves communication skills. As a chain reaction to improving language skills, it automatically improves your communication skills. Reading does not only help your verbal communication but as it boosts your confidance it also improves your non-verbal communication skills.
It helps you to acquire knowledge.
It is a form of entertainment and great way to manage impeding stress levels.
It helps in competitive exams as it helps to build reading comprehension skills hence giving a major thrust to your career.
It keeps you updated. Makes you an interesting person that everyone wants to know: The benefits of reading are endless. I know you might find it boring or want to try to find an alternative to extensive reading but trust me you can’t find a way out of it. It is very difficult to get into the habit of reading in later stages of life, hence it is advisable if you push the next generation into reading as soon as possible. There are various ways to do this. One of the most innovative way to do it is prompting them to digital reading with interactive sessions, colorful display.
Children of any age can appreciate works of fiction, and even if they aren’t ready to recognise the written word, they may still be able to improve their language skills as they listen to books that are read to them. There are a number of ways that parents and teachers can help foster children’s love of learning.
Make reading enjoyable There are a variety of books on the market that are tailored to different age ranges. Choose pop-up books or other creatively published texts and if you are reading to your children you can vary your tone of voice to maintain their interest. Setting up a reading tent or mini-library in your child’s bedroom may also encourage them to read more frequently.
Use interactive books: Interactive books may have sound buttons and pull-out facts that will serve to bring stories to life. Children can also hear a story being read out as they follow the words on the page.

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