Economic opportunities for Pakistan at Karachi Fisheries Harbour

One of the important sources of digestible protein, vitamins and minerals in diet is fish. Other than that fish is the source of metals, these metals have an important place in biological system of human being. Fish industry also plays a significant role in the economy of Pakistan. The total fishing area in Pakistan is approximately 300,270 sq. km with the coastline of 1,120 km covering Mekran (Balochistan) and the coast of Karachi (Sindh).
The share of fisheries in GDP of Pakistan is only 0.4 percent (Economic Survey 2019). In Pakistan major marine harbours are: Karachi Fish Harbour, Karachi Fisheries Harbour, Korangi Fish Harbour, Pasni Fish Harbour and Gwadar Fish Harbour. The Karachi Fish Harbour (KFH) monitors fish landing and also determine stock position. It handles almost ninety percent of fish and seafood catch in the country and export ninety-five percent of fish and seafood.
In 1959 KFH was constructed by Federal Government before its construction landing facilities for fish and seafood catch were carried out at Ghas Bander on the Native Jetty outskirts of Karachi city, the system of marine catch was quite unorganized and then those catches were bought in the city for further sale. Therefore, in order to consideration this situation and to facilitate fishermen KFH was constructed.
The Karachi Fish Harbour was handed over to the Sindh Government in 1974 after the constitution of 1973 of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The main objectives of KFH are: (i) acquire and hold control over and administer moveable and immovable property; (ii) formulate and enforce any scheme in the harbor; (iii) undertake planning, designing and supervision of the construction work required for the harbor; (iv) undertake efficient operation of harbour facilities and carry out maintenance and repair of harbour buildings, installations and undertake periodical inspection of facilities to ensure that they meet statutory standards of safety and hygiene; and (v) provide for navigational channel, fish handling jetties berthing facilities on prescribe terms and conditions. The Board of Director shall have appointed by Government co comprising officials and non-official’s members.
After visiting KFH, I came to know that KFH has much potential to create many business and economic opportunities not only for Karachi but also for Pakistan. One of these is for educationist, by educating fishermen and community about basic hygiene can save them from chronic diseases. The fishermen at the harbour are our assets. They are very experienced and hardworking. Basic education of health and hygiene can increase their life span. Not only this they also need to know the skills of communications; the fishermen are lacking good doctors and banking knowledge. KFH has blessed with immense human capital KFH authority should make policy to protect them.
Moreover, there is need to consider the infrastructure of KFH as the shortage of clean water and the proper monitoring of marine catches. After take these into account can help in increase the revenue of Pakistan. The revenue of government can also be increased by imposing proper taxing such as environmental tax and income tax, many of the activities are illegal only because the fishermen are not educated enough.
To summarizing this, the strength KFH has is still not fully discovered by the agencies although the eradicating some of the threads and weakness can help us to develop our human capital and increase exports. I hope by providing good life style to fishermen community can develop remaining marine fisheries resources.

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