Education system of Pakistan

Why Pakistan education system is worse than foreign countries?
Education system in Pakistan has become worst, many countries have left us behind including US, countries of UK, Gulf countries and even many Asian countries. This is the known fact. We all know it; but why? Why foreign education system is better than Pakistan education system? There are few differences between Pakistan Education System and Foreign Education System.
Difference between Pakistan and Foreign Education System. Pakistan education concentrates more on theory rather than practical. Pakistan education system doesn’t allow any sort of creativity. Whereas in foreign countries; they focus more on practical based learning. And they permit creativity in education. In Pakistan; education is a formality as people get education for the purposes of getting degree of Engineering or Medical stream; whether you learn something or not.
In foreign countries; education is taken as a learning process. Foreign education curriculum contains everything taking from arts to sports along with studies. US has arts, sports, music and theatre in syllabus. Australia focuses more on sports; they have cricket, hockey and boxing in their college curriculum. Whereas Pakistan education system only stressed on studies. There is no space for extra-curricular in our education system.
In Dubai, primary and secondary education is free and it is made fundamental in law. Where as in Pakistan education has become business. Taking from privatization of education to tuitions and coaching institutions; education is engendering much money. So, business minds are now moving towards education. In Pakistan students are not given choice to select their field of interest. One must become an engineer or a doctor! Sports and arts are considered to be made for remaining. If you don’t get admission in science of commerce stream; you choose arts. This is what Pakistani feel. In Pakistan; students are included into streams which have higher pay scale or higher number of jobs. And in foreign country; students are admitted according to their field of interest.
In Pakistan; students get admission seeing the trends. So, if in a particular year, majority of students are rushing towards Mechanical Engineering, you’re forced to get admission in Mechanical Engineering. Students are not given options to select their field of stream. In short in Pakistan; we go with the flow. Where as in foreign countries, students wait until they get admission into their field of interest. In Pakistan, students are required to memorize facts and figures. Thousands of equations of mathematics, birth dates and death dates of freedom fighters, chemical reactions and hundreds of other things. We punctuate on theory. And in foreign countries they impact knowledge in students through practical implementation.
Pakistan education system teaching outdated curriculums and old technologies. Education system hasn’t been changed much after independence. Pakistan education system is very slow in adopting newest technologies and curriculum. In foreign countries; curriculum changes every day according to upgradation of technology and requirements of the industry. And ultimately, we believe in grades and certificates. We believe in getting admission in AKU, PIEAS, and Foreign countries believe in skills. They don’t care about the institution of education any more, all they concentrate is what you learnt during your schooling.
There are a lot of reasons why foreign education system is better than Pakistan; here are some major reasons. We seriously need change in education system! And not only in education system; we need change the mentality of the people of Pakistan (so-called society) as well. Together we all will have to work smart to bring change in education system! How can we change it?
We Pakistani always criticize our education system. This is known fact that our education system produces educated labour. What precisely is wrong with Pakistan education system? I’ve tried to explicate through what I have observed.
Now if HEC implements on points given below then education system of Pakistan will not only boost up but it will leave many countries behind.! What the education system of Pakistan needs to do is; education system must get rid of outdated curriculums and technologies. New curriculum and technologies must be introduced. Pakistan education system must focus on curriculum and technologies which are changed each day in foreign counties, Pakistan; should also focuses on arts and sports studies, music and theater must be added in syllabus.
Pupils must be given choice to select the field in which they are interested and they think that it will be beneficial in future for them. They must not be forced whether to get degree in engineering/medical. Let the pupils determine, and let them do what they demand.
Private School must be taken under the supervision of HEC. Private schools have destroyed education system in Pakistan; in purpose of providing best standard of education but in reality they’re doing business, looting parents and playing with the future of young generation. So, the HEC must take appropriate actions against private schools. And Private School must be taken under its supervision and teachers must be appointed after testing them. This will bring improvement in the education system.
Government must provide a platform and research centers where students must be trained practically to detect latest technologies and to invent new products. Innovation will not only lead to new products and more-efficient production methods, but it will also induce dramatic changes in how to organize and manage business, highlighting the connections between new ideas and methods and the organizational structure must implement on them.
The government must not compromise over education, education system can be better only when government will support it merrily. Government must yield education aids to those pupils who can’t afford their financial expense for the higher education.
Now the government; HEC and other related authorities to the education system of Pakistan; must concentrate over these issues and must implement on it. This will bring change and improvement in the education system of Pakistan; and Pakistan will be moving toward prosperity and progress.

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