Effects of coronavirus on students

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. It jumps through animals to humans. It kills without asking for permission, and it spreads all over the world. China is the largest economy and it spreads through from china. Italy, Iran, South Korea, and followed by other countries. In Italy people take it lightly and who are unable to take it seriously until someone near them is actually afflicted and there are more cases in China. Now Italy has the highest official death. According to almost two lakh people got infected by the virus and death toll is also crossing eight thousand people world-wide. We need to learn from Italy that has been burning at a fast speed.
Now my question is how coronavirus affects students?
The Students suffered a lot. Fortunately, God gave this critical training to Kashmiri students for 7 months, because of Article 370. But this time all schools, colleges and universities are closed all over the world. The educational system slowly destroyed. In Kashmir most of the time the situation is not good like strikes, deluge of floods, Article 370 as all of you know that before couple of months and now this COVID-19. I can give my own example. In 2008 when I was in 8th standard there was strike, when I was in 10th standard there was flood, when I was in 12th standard there was again strike (martyrdom of Burhan Wani) and when I am in final year there is COVID-19. In the end students suffered a lot.
The students also get bored in their homes. They missed their friends, teachers etc. Students are promoting classes with out the examination and almost two times are done this in Kashmir and when Article 370 declared students was given their exams at homes. Most important thing is the world has come to a standstill due to the COVID-19 spread but we cannot stop learning and compromise on education. We already suffered for the last 7 months.
The only avenue left for them is the 2G internet which unfortunately is running at a snail’s pace. Internet is not only about social networking sites and games let them understand it is beyond that and they need to come in terms with this hard fact. Students already lost their precious time of their academic session and future is not promoting as well. How can they learn and how can they get knowledge if so? And if students learn and study in their homes and if they have doubt on anything who can guide them? I say that this generation the students can’t see the school life.
No doubt scientists, doctors, nurses, policemen’s all are doing our work and they are doing their best. Scientists are searching the vaccine and they worked a lot they doing their best. Self-isolation is the best medicine. So we have to also follow instructions and take preventive measures. Social distancing, working from home are some other preventive measures that are advised and using masks, alcoholic sanitizers, soap hand wash are some other things that are stressed for using. Neither should we indulge in debates and discussions. We need to understand the importance of staying inside to break the chain of infection outside. Going outside under these circumstances simply means to invite COVID-19. We should work and fight together against the spread if COVID-19.
The Students have had big dreams but as the situation arises it looks like gradually everything is coming to an end. The Students suffered the most and consequences of the spreading pandemic. COVID-19 has affected every sector part of the world. Every single person got affected and going through every difficulties due to spread of COVID-19. We cannot estimate how much the students were suffered. We can only imagine or talk but can never understand the pain and grief of students. I can also say not only students suffered but every common people also suffer. Schools, universities and colleges were closed the world over too. But there are a lot of facilities for students there. They do not suffer a lot because there were online classes. We don’t know when it will end or how much time COVID-19 would take.
I would request the government to take necessary steps to ensure that Kashmiri students get their needs, benefit and knowledge and which can make students live better and get knowledge in the difficult times.
Now I am desperately waiting for the day when I hear COVID-19 is gone. People are hopeful of this epidemic ending very soon. I wish students go school, colleges and universities like they used to go and everything goes back to normal. This tough time is temporary and it will fade away and we will be followed by happiness and prosperity. Nothing is permanent in this world. One day it will end and old fades away and new things take birth.

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