Elected selected imported government and new elections

The country is still going through a political and constitutional crisis. The constitutional crisis may be resolved but the political crisis seems to be difficult to resolve. Running after this, Imran Khan’s rallies have created a situation which shows that the political atmosphere will become very difficult in the coming days, somewhat political. The situation has stabilized, but overall the situation is not looking good politically. New elections are the only way out of the current political situation in the country, but the Election Commission has said that they cannot hold elections immediately. The federal government has decided to conduct the seventh census in the country from August 1, due to which the holding of general elections across the country is feared to be delayed. The Statistics Department has informed the Secretary Election Commission in a letter while the Council of Common Interests has also given its approval. It seems that the government does not intend to hold immediate elections in the country, but if the government wants to fulfill its remaining term, it should do so, but they should keep in mind that it is not easy to govern in the current situation, given the economic crisis. Tough decisions will have to be made to deal with it. Will the present PML-N government not do its political harm by doing so? I will succeed in getting the country out of all the crises. Restoring US aid to Pakistan is a good thing, but who would be wise to accept their orders in return for this aid? If the United States is helping us, it is making decisions for us and every time we have accepted it because we have always been economically weak.
Economically weak countries can never make decisions freely, beggars and American enslaved rulers can never develop the country, how can those who do not come to power by people’s power serve the people? The present PML-N government has been forcibly imposed, the present government should immediately announce elections and save its remaining reputation. Otherwise, other political parties will take advantage of the failure of the present government and use this slogan in the next election campaign. Will also take People are put behind a past, they just run after it, they have no idea about the environment around them, they are just running in one direction, like an animal with a shell over its eyes which After that he sees nothing but the front, he is running in one direction only. The first elected government was called elected. Then it was called selected and now it is called imported government. Tweet Binder, who monitors tweets trends around the world, says that “imported government disapproval” is the biggest trend on Twitter so far. For the first time, the slogan “Imported Government” has been used. In fact, Imran Khan had waved a letter about which he said that the letter was written as a “threat” to remove the PTI government from power and this threat came from a big country. Because I refused to obey every order of the United States, they have conspired or conspired behind the scenes to get me out of the way. Has been put in power. All this conspiracy or interference is from the United States. He wanted to form a government of his choice in which he has succeeded but Imran Khan will not accept such a government and will take the people to the streets and force the present government to announce immediate elections. It is easy but we need to understand the law of our country and the mood of the people. We do not do any work immediately. Even if there is a fire, God willing, the fire brigade cannot reach to put it out immediately. We need to look at and understand the apathetic society in which we live. However, the solution to the current political and economic crisis is to hold new elections in the country as soon as possible and hand over power to the newly elected government. In the next elections, the people should elect such representatives who would not have to announce their disappearance in the streets, neighborhoods, neighborhoods, cities to solve their problems. Instead, their representatives should remain in their area and solve their problems. So it has been observed that whoever is elected as MPA or MNA disappears after taking oath and then the campaign in the next election is seen in another area by joining the same party or another party. This approach needs to change. The real representatives are the ones who are elected from the area and live among the people of the area. We will choose good people.