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Elections-curtain raiser of guilt

The tragedy of this beautiful country is that after the death of Quaid-i-Azam and assassination of Liaqat Ali Khan Shaheed it became leaderless land of pure and nation was left at the mercy of selfish rulers who continued ruling the country in rotation but failed to frame the constitution for 9 years and were busy in toppling each other’s governments and failed to strengthen the democracy and the country. They all built their own empires and indulged in massive corruption without any fear of law and accountability. As a result, all institutions failed to deliver. They forgot the lesson of founder of Pakistan that they were servants of the people. There is hardly any public office where work is done without bribe. Public servants think it is their right to take bribe, as a result common man is suffering. With the passage of time the nation is divided in two groups the filthy rich and extremely poor. Poor includes middle and lower middle class. As per government’s own statement prices of consumers items have shot up to 44.64% and inflation officially is around 23.3% but in actual fact it is more than 30%. There is massive unemployment. Law and order is equally bad. Amid this poor economic condition country is going for elections after violating constitutional requirement of holding elections in 90 days. The way election is being conducted never witnessed in the past. A pre-selected candidate for the slot of PM brought back from UK given full protocol and all type of facilities including given clean chit from all the cases by the courts, whereas the most popular leader is in jail with plethora of cases have already put many question marks on the credibility of coming elections that have otherwise become controversial in advance. It is estimated that Rs 46 billion shall be spent on the elections without giving them level free ground. The party has been deprived of its bat symbol with party leader in jail tantamount to waste of poor people tax money.
It is very strange that all the major political parties are busy in mudslinging on each other and they have yet to unveil their manifesto. Marium Nawaz and Bilawal are getting live coverage except PTI candidates who are facing hindrances at each step. Although with great difficulty they have been allowed to contest elections as independents. The winners will be forced to join other parties ensuring complete elimination of PTI. It would have been better option for the government to ban the party instead staging stage drama of free fair and transparent election. Look at the facilities provided to PPP and PML N they are free to do anything. They are making fiery speeches in public meetings only to criticize IK without any message how economic issues shall be resolved, how closed industries shall be revived, how poor shall get relief in utilities, who will attend health and education issues, how poor will get justice.All efforts are focused on IK to settle personal scores. More than 4.5 lac youth has left country in search of jobs. PPP’s Bilawal Bhutto has mentioned in one of his public meeting that once he gets in to power 300 units of electricity will be given free. PML N has rightly raised question from where money will be generated? Same question is applicable to PML N leader who said 200 units of power will be free. Similar claims are being made by some former PTI leaders known as (Lota’s) who have formed their own party. This is not possible because IMF is pressing hard with fresh demand of imposing further taxes as they are not satisfied with present collection of revenue.
It is equally surprising to see how government is facilitating PML N and the protocol being provided to NS, on the other hand PTI candidates are continuously being harassed. Some leaders are seen distributing money to voters and some throwing notes in corner meetings to attract the voters. It looks if ECP is not interested to stop these illegal practices that fall in the category of pre poll rigging, such acts attract provision of violation of election laws but going unchecked and politicians of main stream parties are free to do anything making it obvious what will happen on 8 Feb. It is no more a secret what shall happen during elections, in between elections and after elections. We have been cursing and accusing too much those involved in political engineering and rigging of elections in the past and if that was wrong and again indulging in action replay how it can be justified now? Whatever is happening right under the nose of government and Election Commission of Pakistan is certainly matter of concern looks a joke in the name of democracy and constitution. Will it stabilize or further destabilize the state is not difficult to conclude?
Finally, the field is considered levelled to compete but it’s a mountain hill that all parties will need to climb. If we think that 8 Feb will be the end of elections than we are wrong. Everything will start after 8 Feb depending on what happens on that day. If elections are botched up and manipulated and rigged, we may see a political playing field so dug up with pits that no one will be able to level it again. So let’s take holding of elections as sacred duty before we lose what is left of politics in this country.


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