Elections hold the key

Everywhere you go, whether it’s an office, a restaurant, a hotel, a party, a train, or an aeroplane, everyone is busy criticising the government. It may be true in some ways, but the country has kept moving forward and doing very well in many different areas. From the beginning Pakistan is the seventh nuclear state in the world. All of its leaders have worked hard and made real contributions. The people have also made sacrifices and taken part in all of the activities along with the government. No society in the world is free from everyday bad things, but progress is still being made. Imagine that in 1990, it took about 10 years to get a phone. Now, out of a population of 220 million, 150 million people have mobile phones that let them talk to the rest of the world in a flash. These things can only be done by brave people from brave nations. After the death of the father of the nation, the country was taken over by a group of politicians whose goal was to stay in power and steal the country’s resources. But even with this big problem, the country kept moving forward and did great things in the fields of economics and business, like making high-tech military equipment for self-defense and exporting it to other countries. It was a big step forward for businesses to grow. We built Steel Mill and PIA, which is one of the best airlines in the world. However, at the same time, all institutions were politicised, which meant that government offices, corporations, and mega industrial units had to hire more people. Even so, the country kept moving forward in all directions, but in the end, it lost some of its biggest businesses. All of the governments that came before have spent too much, putting the country in debt to the tune of over $ 130 billion. We have to borrow more money to pay the interest on loans. We kept presenting budgets with deficits without realising what that meant.
Over the years, we did a great job of making the government and the opposition fight each other, which caused instability in the country and destroyed the economy at the expense of poor people. We’ve reached a point where nothing is in our control anymore, but we’re still moving forward just to stay alive.
Even though there are a lot of bad things about Pakistan, it is the largest country that gives more than Rs 70 billion to charity. We only had one TV channel, but now there are a lot more. Isn’t that something we should be happy about?
Pakistan is in a lot of trouble right now, and its economy is in a state of meltdown, which makes things even worse. No country can do its best until it has a strong and stable economy. Unfortunately, all of the political parties that are part of the PDM are pushing their own agendas, which has led to conflicts with the PTI that have reached an alarming level. Since the managed vote of no confidence got rid of the PTI government, PTI has not accepted the change and is calling for early elections. After being kicked out of office, Imran Khan has become the most popular leader in Pakistan’s history. Because of this, he is asking “Neutrals” to change its mind and make sure the government calls early elections. However, “Neutrals” has denied this alleged claim. The PTI did very well in all of the bye elections. As a result, they were able to form a government in Punjab, leaving only Islamabad and Sind under the control of the federal government. Now PTI is in a better position and has become the most popular party among the people. The rest of the world is interested in how quickly people in Pakistan go out on the streets and pack public meeting places to hear Imran Khan speak. People’s spirits are high, and they don’t want to hear any other story. They want IK to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan, and they want free and fair elections to make that happen. A candidate from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) won a bye-election for a seat in Karachi that was highly contested. The PTI candidate beat all the other Imran Khan is running for 9 bye elections, and he is expected to win all of them. This would make sure that he wins the next general election.
Every thing the government does to hurt IK makes him more popular. His speeches couldn’t be shown on TV because of this. The PEMRA ban didn’t work because it was defeated on social media. The fact that the government is desperate and in a state of desperation makes them even more frustrated and puts them in an even more desperate mode. Right or wrong, he has won the hearts of Pakistanis and former Pakistanis, and each day that goes by makes him even more popular. His social media team, both at home and abroad, is unbeatable. All moves lead to desperation and put the government in a dead end. Which choice is there? The only choice is to hold fair elections as soon as possible. Imran hasn’t done anything to make himself strong. Instead, it’s the power of the people that has made him strong. The people want change, so the important people should think about it, because no force on earth can beat the people. The election date announcement will lead to stability, economic recovery, and better communication between all of the country’s institutions. Any other choice or adventure will only lead to more chaos. “We always think we’re perfect and that everyone else should change. It’s like washing the mirror when we should be washing our faces.”