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Elections in time are need of the country

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) was perhaps the best tool to conduct free fair and transparent elections, since it had closed doors of any type of manipulations and rigging therefore this was not acceptable and rejected by lovers of democracy. It was mainly to ensure continuity of rigging of election results and to maintain status quo by electing same old faces and keep nation busy in fighting against each other on rigging results till next elections so that this circus goes on. Conducting elections has always remained the sole responsibility of the Election Commission of Pakistan. Much before this election date various political parties started criticizing ECP due to their biased role that is visible even to blind. ECP instead attending to genuine suggestions and complaints immediately becomes defensive thus ending in state of confrontation. All political parties openly violate election rules and we also witness few clashes at different polling stations. This results in direct confrontation between various political parties accusing district administration and ECP in favoring a particular party. This blame game goes on till they enter in next elections. It is also true at times favoritism by Returning Officers is so obvious that neither it can be denied nor hidden but no one cares for obvious reasons. Holding elections in Pakistan has been made complex identity because rules framed or openly violated and violators are not punished. In most of the cases all political matters disputes are referred to Supreme Court instead resolving it mutually or in the parliament house. Once judgement of any political case is announced by the apex court the losers start criticizing judges bench and the Supreme Court. Latest example is ECP denial of the symbol of Bat to PTI that was overturned by Peshawar High Court very rightly. How ECP can deny symbol to most popular party of the country. There was no justification on crying foul on it. We have witnessed how a political party indulged in attacking chief justice while hearing case without any fear of law and accountability that ultimately resulted in change of chief justice with no action against attackers. Track record of all the political parties as for as respect for the ECP and judiciary is concerned has been pathetic. At the same time credibility of ECP and judiciary has been damaged beyond repair due to open favoritism to certain politicians. Knowing well that their conversations are taped they were not careful and now one can hear their loose talk audios on internet.
Holding elections after 5 years is mandatory requirement according to the constitution. ECP has plenty of time of five years to update rules and regulations and be ready at short notice to conduct elections but their priorities are entirely different due to political affiliations and influences. At present the country has caretaker governments and their governing period is 90 days that has already surpassed, therefore all governments are illegal. The Supreme Court’s earlier decision to hold elections in 90 days was not implemented. Now the fresh directive has been issued by SC to ensure elections are held on 8 Feb 2024.There are voices being raised about delay in elections citing various reasons, it is mainly to get public views and these are alleged to be paid content. If elections are not held on due date that means imposition of martial law. That means abrogation of the constitution. Under prevailing conditions this may not be possible means further complications. This issue has become critical and extra ordinary situation has developed that would certainly require extra ordinary measures but within the framework of constitution. It is good that Gen Asif Munir COAS while talking to traders has also assured elections shall be held on due date. Now the question arises how to conduct free fair and transparent elections. We have seen the glimpses of free fair and transparent elections where PTI candidates were being harassed and nomination papers were snatched by ( na maloom afrad) at times right under the nose of RO’s by police and others in plain clothes. On the other hand, most of the TV channels and writers are projecting Nawaz and most of the time is spent in projecting his image. What about life time disqualification? Even otherwise majority of candidates including Nawaz do not meet requirements of Article 62 and 63. Under such circumstances how ECP can conduct free and fair elections. Statements can never substitute the ground realities. The best option, the best course of action, the best solution to present crisis, is to HOLD FREE FAIR AND TRANSPARENT ELECTIONS ON 8 FEB 2024.