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Empowering Pakistan’s lesser privileged students

FAISALABAD: The students of The Noorani Foundation Akhuwat School, a not for profit, in Faisalabad have set a remarkable milestone, achieving outstanding results in the 9th-grade board exams, says a Press release.
Performing high above the results of all well-established private schools in Faisalabad, 48 students of the school appeared in the Board Exams, with a hundred percent pass rate, and 42 students scoring grade A+, and 6 students scoring grade A.
Indeed, this academic success is a validation that The Noorani Foundation’s innovative approach of building low cost boarding schools is yielding superior results. The Noorani Foundation was established in 2019 tonot only bridge the education gap in Pakistan, particularly for the most marginalized communities, but to transform the students through the education and mentoring that can only be provided at a boarding school.
“We are immensely proud of our students’ academic performance in the recent board exams. This success showcases the potential that exists within every child, waiting simply to be nurtured and given equal opportunity.
At The Noorani Foundation, recognizing the crucial role education plays in empowering individuals and uplifting communities is at the very heart of what we do. By providing quality education and holistic development opportunities, we aim not only to empower individual students but also to break the cycle of poverty and inequality.” said Tasneem Noorani, Founder of The Noorani Foundation.
The Noorani Foundation was founded on the principles of equity, compassion, and education. Inspired by the Akhuwat Foundation’s philosophy of interest-free microfinance, The Noorani Foundation provides high-quality education to children who lack access due to financial constraints by providing almost 100% scholarships to all students and covering all their room and board expenses. What started as a small initiative has evolved into a full-fledged educational institution, providing a model that can be scaled and replicated throughout the country.
Indeed, the recent success of The Noorani Foundation Akhuwat School’s 9th-grade students in the board exams stands as a testament to the effectiveness of the Foundation’s approach. The Noorani Foundation is currently building a second branch of the school in Swabi, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

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