Encyclopedia Iqbalica Muffakkire Pakistan Dr. M. Allama Iqbal

In our previous parts, we showed that the importance of economics becomes more important for the slave nations. Allama Muhammad Iqbal says that: “Just before some time Maharaja of Baroda State said in his very precious speech that, to gain this knowledge is the only medicine and cure for British Indians.”
Iqbal. Allama Muhammad, “Ilm Ul Iqtisad” Paisa Akhbaar Publisher’s 1903 AD, Page No: 05.
Maharaja of Baroda State further said that if Indians shall not read the Science of Economics, then our fate and end of destruction is near. If Indian nation wishes to take their name in the list of nations, then the study of this science is inevitable. Indo-Asians should know the principles of this knowledge. So that they can understand the problems of Indian society and people.

Why Iqbal wrote this book?Iqbal’s ambition of writing this book is to explain the principles, laws, and methods of economics. Iqbal tries to explain some lucid laws and principles, which are equivalent and applicable for nineteenth century Indian society. Iqbal thought that if a single person is only profited by this writing, his work thus rewarded him. Allama Iqbal further persuades us that the aim of the preface of Ilm Ul Iqtisad is to explain that this book is not translation. But the subjects and ideas of titles have been extracted from the popular and referential texts. And sometimes I also put forwarded my own idea. Dr. Hosniyeh Novin, Dr. Kamran Pashayi Fakhri and Dr. Parvaneh Adelzadeh of Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Iran proposes in one of their research papers on Iqbal-i-Lahori:
“As one of the important branches of social sciences, economics is related to other human sciences such as literature, law, psychology, sociology, history, geography,political science, mathematics, statistics, etc.It is closely connected to law so that in personal and organizational economic relationships, the labor law, business law and commerce law are approved. Economic categories havebeen defined differently and we refer to comprehensive definitions.
“As a general definition, economics is thescience that studies the application and optimal allocation of scarce resources and limited production, in order tomeet unlimited human needs. In this definition, there are concepts that familiarity with them adds on ourunderstanding of economics” (Microeconomics, 2012:3).
“The relationship among economics, psychology andsociology is very close. In this regard, human behavior is examined socially and personally in economics andpsychology. However, in the economics, the purpose of the analysis of human behavior generally is to assess theeconomic benefit of the individual with society, but due to the discovery of the laws governing on the evolution ofgroups and communities, the main subject is sociology, it can be said that according to the nature of economics, italso focuses on these areas (ibid: 8-9).Persian literary prose and verse works are very diverse. Poets and writers haveraised a variety of discussion in their works. Among them, it can be refer to theological, philosophical, spiritual,social and political discussions. One of the most controversial issues is economic argument. Human is two-dimensionalcreature and his needs can be divided into physical and spiritual needs.”
Hosniyeh Novin., Dr. Kamran Pashayi Fakhri., Dr.ParvanehAdelzadeh, “The Concept of Poverty (Faqr) in Iqbal Lahori Divan”, “Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences”, ISSN: 2090-4274, Page Number: 166. Department of Persian Literature, College of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran.

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