Encyclopedia Iqbalica Muffakkire Pakistan Dr. M. Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal has used the term of wealth at many instances. Wealth consists of anything including materials and substances which are related with our needs of life. Wealth also consists of the daily needs and human wishes. The movable and immovable properties is an aspect of wealth. But everything you wish is not a wealth. Lust of substances is not a wealth. Wealth in its real meaning can be divided into two aspects on the wish of a human being:
1. Those substances in which land, water, environment, the land crops, material production, substances, constructions, and tools etc. can be included.
2. Those things which are in solid and liquid form. Wealth is also in immovable and immovable material.
Dr. Hosniyeh Novin, Dr. Kamran Pashayi Fakhri and Dr. Parvaneh Adelzadeh of Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Iran comment in their research paper on Iqbal-i-Lahori:
Annemarie Schimmel describes this view: “Simple living (Faqr) in the Islamic tradition is the primary step in Sufism that its lexical meaning is poverty, but later its spiritual meaning was defined according to Junaid Baghdadi: the person who does not need anything while everything needs him. Faqr gained attention and positive aspect by influence of pious attitude in Islamic mysticism and traditional literature filled with the beggar beside the king as the warning secularist governors and protest against the wealth and power of the rulers (The meaning of life from the perspective of Molana and Iqbal, 2012: 168-169).”
“Iqbal considers Faqr as one of the main factors in personality development. His works are full of definitions and instructions in this regard. Faqr is not source of weakness and solitude, but it is an ideal leading to dynamicity and effort in strong and powerful men that causes them to ignore luxuries and temptations of the world. Such poverty is sign of self-sufficiency that offers right reasoning and a sense of individuality. It does not mean Iqbal welcomes weak people who do not learn from their right and cannot defense their rights. Faqr is used in the positive meaning in the later works of Iqbal. In his works, Faqr is a symbol of traits of a true Muslim that Quran describes them.”
Hosniyeh Novin, Dr. Kamran Pashayi Fakhri, Dr. Parvaneh Adelzadeh, “The Concept of Poverty (Faqr) in Iqbal Lahori Divan'”, “Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences”, ISSN: 2090-4274, Page Number: 167. Department of Persian Literature, College of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran.
In Javid Namah, he writes:
Avoid the poverty that leads to nakedness. Faqr leads man to kingship (Iqbal Lahori: 1964:35).
It leads the Muslims to happiness:
Although he is sitting on mat but he is on the throne Poverty and regality is due to his satisfaction.
The person who believes only in God
Brings the world under his control
Where there is faqr, dancing and nakedness
Faqr is kingship where is monastic.
(Iqbal Lahori: 1964:113).

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