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Enriching Minds & Celebrating Urdu Literature: SIBF 2023 in Sharjah with the Bazm-e-Urdu

Farzana Mansoor

SHARJAH (UAE): Books represent a treasure trove of knowledge, enriching our minds. To emphasize their significance and uphold the spirit of learning, the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) commenced in 1982 in the Emirates of Sharjah, initiated by Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah. Each year, the fair achieves new milestones. The 42nd edition in 2023 carried the theme “We speak books”.
This year, Urdu language aficionados received exciting news-a dedicated stall for Urdu books was introduced at the festival. Bazm-e-Urdu Dubai proudly hosted a special stall organized by Bazm-e-Urdu Publications, captivating Urdu enthusiasts throughout the fair. Tabish Zaidi, a committed member of Bazm-e-Urdu, played a commendable role in making this addition possible.
Under the auspices of Sharjah Book Authority, the book ‘Attar Dan’ by Shadab Ulfat, published under Bazm-Urdu Publications, was launched. Additionally, Syed Sarosh Asif Sahib’s poetry collection ‘Hijraton Ka Zamana’ was unveiled during this event.
Bazm-Urdu seamlessly intertwined this event with its series of monthly meetings ‘Mahana Bhaithak’, organizing a prestigious event split into book releases and a poetic session. Distinguished guests graced the event at the Intellectual Hall of Sharjah Expo Center, with Farzana Mansoor hosting the proceedings. She commended the successful organization of the Sharjah International Book Fair and acknowledged Bazm-e-Urdu’s efforts in curating the first Urdu Book stall under Bazm-e-Urdu Publications at SIBF. She extended gratitude to Bazm-e-Urdu Bhaithak’s team for their efforts in making the event possible.
Furthermore, Farzana introduced notable guests, including renowned poet Mahshar Afridi from India and literary figures such as Dr. Asim Sabahat Wasti, Syed Ijaz Shaheen, and Dr. Asghar Kamal who presided over the Mushaira.
The distinguished media personality Aftab Iqbal praised the wealth of knowledge and books showcased at the Sharjah International Book Fair. He conveyed congratulations to His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi and appreciated Bazm-e-Urdu Dubai’s dedication to promoting Urdu. He pledged continued support for Bazm-e-Urdu’s passion in their programs and for the promotion of the Urdu language.
The second part of the event featured a Mushaira with participants such as Shehbaz Shamsi, Syed Sarosh Asif, Shadab Ulfat, Dr. Kamal Asghar, Syed Ejaz Shaheen, Mahshar Afridi, and Dr. Asim Sabahat Wasti, conducted by Dr. Asghar Kamal Sahib.
The event concluded with Sarwat Zahra, on behalf of the Mahana Bhaithak Team, expressing gratitude to the Sharjah Book Authority, distinguished guests, and participants, concluding the event with a prayer for Bazm-e-Urdu’s success and capturing a group photo.

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