EU resolution against Pakistan

The EU resolution against Pakistan, being one of the major developments, is very much and seriously disturbing for Islamabad Govt, particularly the Pindi-wallahs. A lot has been written about it in great detail on national and international media. But the main question is this that despite the ban by EU, Britain and the US officially pointed out and insisted that Islamabad should take a decision against the militant groups, the sleeping cell of TTP and arrest and ban the high profile jaish and jamiat leaderships.
The main reason behind this is clear: the real rulers of Islamabad still think and prioritize their national interest and security. And also, in order to look the Indians in the eye, these groups are more important than the international pressure.
Yes, Islamabad has taken decisive action to ban the militant outlets, freezing their accounts and seized their activities. But I think that a major part of establishment continues to believes that these people are still important for their safety and security.
Though, after the Eu resolution, The prime minister Imran Khan presided over a meeting with over 30 OIC ambassadors this Sunday and briefed them to clarify the position of the Govt but to me it all looks like nothing but eyewash.

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