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Existence of Zaman Tahafuz Movement and its aims and objectives

There are many benefits of unity and agreement. Peaceful unity at national, regional and social levels can benefit the poor and helpless people of the society. Love and brotherhood have become accustomed to participating in each other’s sorrows and joys, which will strengthen the relationship. Hate keeping greed and prejudice away from nationality; they tend towards humanity and religious friendship. Regarding unity and consensus, it has been described as a special blessing of Allah in the Holy Quran. Unity increases your glory and honor. It is the source of your power and supremacy and a means of liberation from mental slavery. Due to unity and agreement, compassion, brotherhood, love, service, and courage are also increased. Success kisses the feet of people who live together and with unity and agreement. Unity and agreement are a strong support and a powerful weapon for you in difficult situations. Enemy elements also shy away from attacking the united forces.
Especially for Muslims, unity is an essential factor. Because for the Muslim Ummah, Allah Almighty has set the rule that the unseen help and support will come only when the relations of unity, consensus and centrality will be established. Considering the situation and events, Zaman Kahool in Ashezai sub-branch of Achakzai tribe also organized a grand first meeting Jirga at Zaman House Chaman in Zamanabad area last Friday, in which Zaman Tahafuz Movement by giving a formal organizational form to scholars and tribal elders.
Young people, lawyers, doctors, teachers, students of religious and contemporary studies, businessmen, Pashto literature related to print and electronic media and people from other walks of life participated in thousands with great sincerity and courage. It proved that Zaman Tahafuz Movement is an organization dedicated to peaceful reformation and social services. Because all the people belonging to all walks of life are connected with Zaman Tahafuz Movement only they are scattered due to lack of guidance. From this peaceful and reformed platform, Zaman Tahafuz Movement, first of all from among themselves, through the scholars of the committee, elders and youths, by rooting out old grudges in the light of Islamic teachings and instructions, continues to strengthen the unity. They will continue their efforts, while keeping a clear eye on social welfare and regional services; they will take the lead in playing a practical role.
The first introductory jirga consisted of two sessions. The first session was the introductory session in which all the great and small ones of Zaman Baba presented their introduction. After that, the second session was given to reformist statements. In the light of Shariah guidelines, all the family members of Zaman Tahafuz Movement took a pledge to take positive steps for the region by participating with great courage and bravery and agreed that they need and serve each other at all times. It was decided that Zaman Tahafuz Movement will continue to take steps after the advice of its scholars and elders and this Zaman Tahafuz Movement has not come into existence for anyone’s opposition or for anyone’s pleasure, rather it has come into being for its own sake.
The jirga decided to take social measures to solve problems and difficulties, especially with the poor among relatives; play a practical role in cooperation and wisdom. The social service will maintain this chain of unity and agreement and at the same time, it is also important to create Zaman Baba Foundation for the poor and helpless people in Zaman Kahol, that soon it will also be restored. This organization is only and only of Zaman Baba. It has come into existence on the basis of complete ethnic recognition and social work and humanitarian service that will never be used for personal national interest because Zaman Tahafuz Movement is a committee that includes scholars, tribal elders and youths of religious and contemporary studies whose movement and movement day and night will be under the supervision of scholars and elders.
Because Zaman Baba’s generation and descendants stand only for human service and building strong relationships, everyone can join the peaceful Zaman Tahafuz Movement of their Zaman Baba with an open heart and perform services according to their field. They are and can take steps for the betterment and unity of the Zaman National Movement. It is hoped that in the future, along with the Zaman Tahafuz Movement, there will also be the existence of the Zaman Baba Foundation.
We have inherited the humanitarian initiatives of Hazrat Zaman Baba. Even today, there is no Kalashnikov culture in the entire generation and descendants of Zaman Baba, as in the old times. They live a pure and free life. The scholars of Zaman Tahafuz Movement addressed the first Introductory Jirga and said that Zaman Baba has the reward of being noble and peaceful in the nation for the entire night that Zaman Baba himself did not take up arms against anyone. Alhamdulillah, there is no such family or individual in his complete generation who has arms or guards culture.
By the grace of Allah Almighty, the generation and descendants of Hazrat Zaman Baba are free from all kinds of wars and disputes, free from the taint of weapons and live peacefully. From our elders to our elders, everyone has come away from killing and looting. Well, we will also leave the legacy of urging the future generations to live a peaceful life and live a noble life.
Hazrat Zaman Baba’s nobility is a clear example that till today. Social and anti-human evils such as murder, looting, cruelty, coercion on the rights of others, robbery, robbery, banditry, etc. are not found in his generation and descendants which is a peaceful and great example in the country and the region.
In the light of this continuity, Zaman Baba’s generation and descendants followed the footsteps of their great peaceful and dervish grandfather, Hazrat Zaman Baba, by bringing into being the Zaman Tahafuz Movement. He is determined to continue this message and chain of peace until his future generations.
Hazrat Zaman Baba’s genealogy is very detailed. He has five sons and the genealogy of Hazrat Nasruddin Baba i.e. Hazrat Zaman Baba is in the stages of preparation and it will be published as soon as possible in detail.

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