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Famous designer Moazzam Khan being launched in Dubai soon

Moazzam Khan meets with international clientele and
paves the way to export his magical designed articles


Muhammad Umar Waqqas

KARACHI: Pakistani dresses and designs are hot popular in Dubai and around the world. Dubai’s multicultural environment has made it a melting pot of diverse fashion influences. Pakistani dresses have gained immense popularity there due to their intricate designs, vibrant colours, and rich fabrics. Dubai serves as the gateway between the East and the West. Its strategic geographical location means it offers easy access to emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This geographical advantage ensures businesses can cater to a vast consumer base.
Not only Pakistani suits come in varied styles and fabrics, but the quality of the fabric embossed by the amazing hands used in making these suits are airy, light-weight, and smooth-textured. These qualities make it a perfect choice amongst women for all season weddings and other occasions.
Karachi is considered to be Pakistan’s fashion capital, and it has hosted the annual Karachi Fashion Week since 2009.
Moazzam Khan’s Karachi based bridal couture brand renowned for its skilled workforce, cost-effective production, and diverse range of textiles, incredible designs, is popular for its fusion eastern and specially sub-continental cuts. MK is now all set to export his mesmerising creativity to the World via Dubai.
MK has succeeded to build his reputation in the Pakistan fashion industry. His work of art is seen on red carpets, destination weddings, and other significant occasions.
UAE is an ideal export destination for the South Asian nation as the short distance between the two countries limits transportation costs and facilitates commercial exchanges. Currently, Pakistani exports to the UAE are mainly confined to textiles and various food items.
In case of the success of MK, another Pakistani company will be able to make its place in the international market and this success will be the success of Pakistan.
The wardrobe of Pakistani designers is world famous. The unique articles produced by them are quite popular in Asia, the Middle East and especially in India. Bollywood top actors are apparently in love with Pakistani fashion, From Shah Rukh Khan to Kareena Kapoor and from Madhuri to Ranbir Kapoor, many showbiz stars slayed in outfits designed by Pakistani designers.
Pakistani fashion designers reflect the beauty of their country and attract the entire world. If the government of Pakistan takes serious measures to improve the fashion industry, this industry will show a beautiful face of Pakistan to the world and will also bring foreign exchange to the country.