Feel our pain as you too now get a taste of it

The whole world became aware that Kashmiris education instructions have been closed for the last eight months. The education system here has deteriorated. Children are locked in homes and the institutions here are closed. The future of children here is being ruined. They all know the foundation of the whole nation is youth. If children could not go to school themselves, they would get their education from the internet, but they have closed the 4G internet for the last eight months.
The government was going to make India a digital but the government of India did not know that for eight months in our country one of state namely Jammu & Kashmir who seeks justice for the last 70 years is deprived of the 4G internet. The parents here are worried about what will happen to our children’s future. The whole Kashmiri parents are worried at their homes thinking what will happen and how long we will have to tolerate this brutality. The doctors are also worried in the hospitals, they cannot see the patients well; they cannot see their reports because internet has been closed for the last eight months.
The coronavirus which is unseen (we can only see it through microscope) have put the whole world down on their knees including those who till yesterday claim they were superpowers. The big countries all over the world are thinking about how we can get out of this virus and how to protect our lives but India has no such intentions how to save the citizens of our country. They are busy in giving this pandemic a communal colour.
Israel continues barbaric act against innocent Palestinians then the whole world is suffering from the deadly disease. How long these people will remain oppressed, how long will these wrongdoers remain unquestioned for their activities and actions.
In this time of pandemic when the whole world is enjoying high speed internet uninterrupted, we Kashmiris are denied this basic facility.
The inhabitants of the valve in the choose and uncertainty look towards the world community, but unfortunately they found them busy in materialistic things and were honouring each other with highest wards for their materialistic gains and benefits when humanity sunk in the valve. The inhabitants then look towards the skies and ask help from Almighty, the Creator of this universe.
The world right now is under strict curfew, people are dying like cattle heads. Doctors have lost their lives. Everyone has fallen flat and looks helpless before this deadly virus.
Many places people do not have food to eat. They do not have transport to reach their destination. They got stuck in the middle of the tide. At one place a woman threw her five kids into the river because she does not have food to feed them. At another place a little kid died in the arms of her mother as there was no transport to reach hospital in time. When the wails and shrieks of those mothers got unheard who lost their beloved sons with brutality in Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Burma.
These things are bound to happen in which the world is passing and facing now as there is one supreme power in Whose court of justice no whisper or cry got unheard.
Now our question is to the world’s consciousness: You send your kids to advanced countries for getting better education, we too wish the same for our kids. Our parents also want us to become doctors and engineers besides good citizens but the unresolved conflict has ruined us and shattered our dreams and hopes.
Now for heaven’s sake do just with us and resolve our issue so that Almighty may have His mercy on you and first step towards that is to restore our internet.

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