FF-UAE, ROP to work together for prisoners

Special Correspondent

DUBAI (UAE): The founder and president of “Rehaai Organization” Punjab Pakistan, Syeda Farah Hashmi, during her visit to the Emirates recently, met the Chairperson of “Feminine Fusion” United Arab Emirates Farzana Kausar and discussed human welfare.
On this occasion, Farzana Kausar said that Feminine Fusion has been working for women’s welfare and women empowerment in Dubai and other emirates for a long time, while work on the same project is also going on in different cities of Pakistan.
Syeda Farah Hashmi, while providing information about “Rehaai Organization”, said that “Rehaai Organization” has been working at the Punjab level for the past 23 years, which is registered with the Social Welfare Institution of the Government of Punjab. This institution is working for the welfare of the prisoners in the jails, which has so far improved more than nine thousand prisoners in various jails of Punjab by giving them training in various skills. Many of them have now become useful citizens of the society and are earning lawful sustenance by doing hard work. She said that fifteen schools of “Rehaai Organization” are running in the prisons of ten districts of Punjab, in which the prisoners are trained in various arts so that they do not adopt a life of crime again after being released from prison, but instead use their skills to earn their livelihood.
Syeda Farah Hashmi further said that people who are released from prisons keep in touch with them and get guidance and counseling.
“Rehaai Organization” has started its projects in District Jail Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara, Bahawalnagar, Narowal, Toba Tek Singh, Leyya and Central Jail Gujranwala for the education and training of prisoners and their welfare.
Sayeda Farah Hashmi, founder and president of Rehaai Organisation, Punjab Pakistan, and Farzana Kausar, chairperson of Feminine Fusion, United Arab Emirates, agreed that both the mentioned organizations will work for the release and welfare of the prisoners in jails at home and abroad.