Chai Shai hosts Iftar dinner for Muallah’s office delegation

Special Correspondent

AJMAN (UAE): Chai Shai restaurant and cafe Ajman hosted an Iftar dinner in honor of Sheikh Al Mualla’s office delegation.
The delegation led by Dr Kabir KV (chief operating officer) while Dr Khalid Al Baushi (director protocol), Huzaifa Ibrahim( chairman of the board), Muhammad Hammad (senior business advisor) and Siddique Yaseen (managing director of Global Business Council) were also part of the delegation.
Dr Noor Al Sabha and Sarosh Ahmed owners of restaurant presented a certificate of appreciation to Majid Rashid Al Mulla’s office delegation.
Dr Noor Al Sabha and Sarosh Ahmad thanked the delegation and said that it was an honor for us for having the distinguished guests. Corporation with Sheikh Majid office will continue in future.
Chai Shai restaurant is a well known Pakistani Restaurant in Ajman. It is popular because of its unique truck art ambiance.