FIA traces gang of ATM hackers in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has traced a gang involved in the hacking of automated teller machines (ATMs) here on Friday.
The FIA launched an investigation into the matter after receiving numerous complaints of cash transfers from the bank accounts of the consumers. The initial investigation revealed that a gang of five people including two government employees are involved in transferring cash from the accounts of people after hacking the ATMs. The gang was operating from Rawalpindi.
The suspects have been traced by the FIA and two of them are working in government offices. The sources have said that cases would be registered against the gang.
Last week, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) uncovered new leads implicating money exchangers listed as ‘A-category’ by the State Bank of Pakistan; car dealers in the Hawala and Hundi case.
The federal watchdog had reportedly prepared a list of at least 20 reconditioned car importers, which it claims, have been involved in the Hawala and Hundi transfers of about Rs40 billion. “None of the car dealers (importing reconditioned cars) maintained any legal payment ledger for the transactions,” said an FIA source. – TLTP

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