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Formation of Adbi Forum at Pakistan Social Centre in Shahjah is announced


Farzana Mansoor

SHARJAH (UAE): Adbi Forum Pakistan Social Center Sharjah has been announced, according to which the patron of this Adbi forum will be Chaudhry Khalid Hussain and President Dr. Rahmina Zafar.
Joining them in key positions are: Senior Vice President: Chaudhry Bashir Shahid; Vice Presidents: Zubaidah Khanum, Nibras Sohail, and Waseem Nazar Muhammad; Chief Organizer: Farzana Mansoor; Chief Coordinator: Tabish Zaidi; General Secretary: Hafiz Zahid Ali; Deputy General Secretary: Saima Naqvi; Information Secretary: Kashaan Tamseel Hashmi;
Additionally, Tahir Ali Bandisha, Hafiz Sohail Anjum, and others have been entrusted with fulfilling various responsibilities.
The primary objective of this forum is to promote literature within the UAE by organizing literary events that showcase the talent of young poets and writers.
The newly elected officials demonstrated their commitment to raising awareness of literature among the younger generation and facilitating scholarly literary events for intellectuals in the UAE
On the establishment of the Adbi Forum, prominent literary scholars and social personalities living in the UAE congratulated the newly elected officials and expressed their best wishes for the success of the Literary Forum.