FPCCI in need of more unity

It is a fact that whenever general elections approach the target date there is always a mad race of criticism by various political parties against the government and we hear allegations and counter allegations mainly to let down each other, likewise we find that FPCCI the apex body of traders faces the same dilemma but with major difference that coverage is restricted in those newspapers with very little circulation. United Business Group (UBG) has emerged as the strongest group of traders for many years under the Patron-in- Chief S M Muneer former president FPCCI and CEO TDAP as a result this group is winning elections of FPCCI for the last five years with handsome majority and the rival group is continuously striving hard to defeat them but has not been able to create any dent in their vote bank and therefore UBG shall have no problem in sweeping the forthcoming elections. This year again it is expected that they shall create history by winning FPCCI elections with thumbing majority. It is also true when the election date of FPCCI approaches the tempers on both sides go high and the two contesting parties display great enthusiasm. As per past practice new stories are floated to detract the attention of members.
It is a fact that any group that succeeds in winning elections announces to serve all the traders across the country as one unit and promises complete support to the business community including the losers because the cause is common. Unfortunately a trend has developed to air differences through selective media whereas such matters could easily be discussed and debated through mutual consultations. In most of the cases such news has personal angle that raises many questions. Few days back story was floated in the newspaper about visit by Pak US business forum under SVP Mirza Ikhtiar Beg about some visa scandal but without realising that US under Trump is otherwise very strict in issuing visas to Pakistani’s, the mere fact that 72 visas were granted by US shows the confidence in the FPCCI leadership.
Few days back a former vice president FPCCI through press statement has alleged that FPCCI President Engineer Daroo Khan Achakzai has forwarded names to SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Executive Committee & General Body without giving due consideration to merit. Since this is a very important forum we must nominate strong team purely on merit as we envisage increase in trade manifold in coming years. Such nominations as a matter of principle should be based strictly on merit to counter and face tough challenges from India and Bangladesh who are otherwise hostile to Pakistan. It is further alleged that names have been directly forwarded to SAARC Chambers Headquarter Nepal, whereas its Headquarter is located in Islamabad. FPCCI should have clarified the news item about submission of names to avoid undue criticism. We expect Patron-in-Chief to handle the issue keeping in view current global environment
Prime Minister message on SAARC Charter Day (8 December) says that “This day reminds us of the enormous responsibility placed on our shoulders by our peoples and their expectations from their leaders to address the common challenges of poverty, illiteracy, disease and under development” To overcome above challenges Pakistan has to boost up its economy and that can only be achieved by business community subject to government’s cooperation and creating friendly atmosphere and providing ease in doing business. When industries grows it generates more employment, more employment results in generating more production, more production means more exports, and more exports means more foreign exchange.
Unfortunately disunity among various groups of traders is not at all helping anybody except to settle personal scores; it only creates problem and hindrance in smooth running of the affairs of business community. Keeping in view the economic condition of the country and to survive and compete international markets, business community must get united and take the country forward. When there is financial crunch everyone suffers. Closure of business has resulted around 1.2 million Pakistani’s out of job and some 9 million Pakistani’s pushed in to poverty. ADB’s forecast for the GDP following year is 2.8 percent and that means additional job losses. 36 percent drop in our current deficit is certainly good news but this has been achieved at the cost of a sharp slowdown in the economy that has caused at least a million Pakistani jobs. Business community must sincerely engage with the government and extend helping hand to boost the economy. Leadership of FPCCI has to play more proactive role in such tiring and difficult economic environments. Government is well advised to have permanent member as advisor in rotation from FPCCI so that both remain on the same page to avoid bureaucratic hurdles which is hindering real time productivity.

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