FWB & Sehat Kahani to promote SMEs

KARACHI: First Women Bank Limited (FWBL) signed an MOU with Sehat Kahani-one of the fastest growing health tech companies in Pakistan, to Launch an E- Health Financing Loan to female health workers to allow them to set up their clinics, where patients can get connected to a doctor through the Sehat Kahani application. The MoU was signed by Mr. Ali Raza Head Business FWBL and Dr. Sara Saeed Khan CEO Sehat Kahani. Ms. Shahida Javed Acting President FWBL, Ms. Faiqa Naseem Deputy Director State Bank of Pakistan and other officials of both companies also attended the ceremony.
Under this partnership, the healthcare providers can get loan-based financing through First Women Bank Limited facilitated by Sehat Kahani. This will allow health workers desirous of starting or scaling digital health services to open e-health/telemedicine clinics.
On this account, State Bank greatly appreciated the efforts of Sehat Kahani and First Women Bank Limited, as they expressed “State Bank commends the collaborations between First Women Bank and Sehat Kahani for uptake of SBP subsidized refinance facility for loans to female nurses and health care workers, to upgrade their clinics into Sehat Kahani enabled Telemedicine centers. This is a true example of Two Women Led Organizations coming together to help more women stand up on their feet and help many patients get qualified healthcare in Pakistan”
Sehat Kahani is a health Tech Organization that connects a large pool of female doctors to patients who need health care using a telemedicine-based platform creating E- Clinics in low-income communities and a mobile application for the masses. Sehat Kahani has a network of 27 clinics all across Pakistan and has provided consultations to 250,000 plus patients till date through its clinics and mobile application.

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