G7 countries reservations and an undeterred China


The leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) has issued a joint communique in which the group of nations criticized Russia and Beijing. China was criticized over issues concerning China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, human rights abuses in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Taiwan.
The first in-person summit of G7 held after two years in Britain this week which addressed what it perceives as the biggest current threats: China, Russia and the coronavirus pandemic.
The G7 vowed to bolster collective efforts to resist China’s “coercive economic policies” and to counter Russian disinformation part of a move to present the USA & West as a much broader alliance than just the core G7 countries.
China denounces G7 statement and said that US has ‘sinister intentions’. China is strongly dissatisfied and resolutely opposed to mentions of Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan that distorted the facts of the situations and exposed the “sinister intentions of a few countries such as the United States”.it further added that China is a peace-loving country that advocates cooperation, but also has its bottom lines.
“China’s internal affairs must not be interfered in, China’s reputation must not be slandered, and China’s interests must not be violated.”
“We will resolutely defend our national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and resolutely fight back against all kinds of injustices and infringements imposed on China.”
China foreign Ministry spokes Zhao Lijian has vocally said that “The days are gone when one or few countries dictate the world. Now, we need more to work in unity. The least we need is ‘bloc politics’ for the interests of the few ideology based oppressions & blame shifting. The US has serious issues, sth G7 needs to work on.”
The G7 growing concern over China and Russia is viewed simply as nothing but USA and western power growing threat to curtail China’s spectacular economic and military rise over the past 40 years the most significant geopolitical events of recent history, alongside the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union that ended the Cold War between USA and USSR.
U.S. President Joe Biden stated last month that he would prevent China from passing the United States to become the most powerful country in the world, vowing to invest heavily to ensure America prevails in the race between the world’s two largest economies, indicating the emergence of new “cold war between USA and China.
It’s getting intolerable for USA to digest China’s growing economy and emergence as new biggest world power on the map of the globe.
China is all set to overtake the United States as world’s largest economy sooner due to later hegemonic designs to engage itself in the territories of other states.
United States desperation to curtail China as growing world power via all means depicts the fact that the use of military force was now economically futile as international finance and trade has become so interconnected that harming the enemy’s property would equate to harming your own, the recent example is of Afghanistan. China spending three times more than the United States on infrastructure.
Joe Biden has unveiled a multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure proposal last month to ensure increased U.S. investment in promising new technologies, such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence and biotechnology to beat China’s growing influence in world of technology.
China joined the World Trade Organization due to which the United States had to loose over three million manufacturing jobs and 60,000 factories and suffered $13 trillion in trade deficits.
Biden took aim at Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin to embrace United States supremacy.
The escalating tension between USA and China is quite alarming as Biden recently told the media that Chinese President Xi Jinping doesn’t have a democratic – with a small’d’ – bone in his body, but he’s a smart, smart guy, likewise Biden also criticized Russian President and declared him a “killer”.
There are many indicators to suggest that USA is a revisionist power willing to wage war. Faced with such coordinated pressure, an economically strong and increasingly confident Beijing has shown no sign of relenting. It has instead stepped up military activity around the Taiwan Strait, the most dangerous flashpoint between Beijing and Washington. China has also passed a new law allowing its coast guard to fire on foreign vessels in the South China Sea and issued counter-sanctions on Western scholars, think tanks, lawyers, members of parliament and several EU institutions to prevent them to mislead the world population via media warfare.
Beijing and Moscow are rapidly coming closer along with Iran against western sanctions and vows to boost ties among their countries to reduce their dependence on the US dollar in international trade and settlements.
Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov also said that “China and Russia believe the US has a destabilizing role. It relies on Cold War military alliances and is trying to set up new alliances to undermine the world order.”
China is determined not to budge on any of its “core interests and internal matters.” It indeed keep reminding US its history of genocide of its indigenous people, the cruel experience of slavery, the continuing repression of black Americans today and the unprovoked US nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. The US uses its military force and financial hegemony to carry out long-arm jurisdiction and suppress other countries. China believes that US has no right to push its own version of democracy when it is dealing with so much discontent and human-rights problems at home.
China arrogant response to USA and G7 western powers is a strong message to realize a need to deal with China on a basis of correct diplomatic protocols and mutual respect for national sovereignty, if they want to ease tensions.
China strongly signaling that it will only deal with the West where and when it suits its national interests. Sanctions could no longer worry and deter China.
There is new kind of “cold war” not based on ideology like previous incarnation but a war of international legitimacy and a struggle for winning hearts and minds and money in the very large part of the world not aligned to the US.
Asian and developing countries are closely monitoring the development of alternative international order to be led by Moscow and Beijing as they have also gauged the declining military and economic power of the United States.
China and Russia have given a clear throat message to USA and western world that “the old days are over”.
The global balance of power is altering at rapid pace and many states of the world may opt for aligning with the smart money and technology which might be lying on China and Russia now.