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GFS Builders hosts dinner in honor of ‘Karachi Ghazis’of SPL

KARACHI: GFS Builders and Developers hosted a dinner at a local hotel in honor of the players of the team “Karachi Ghazis” who performed prominently in the Sindh Premier League. Irfan Wahid Chief Executive Officer, Mansoor Wahid Managing Director, Mohsin Wahid Director Sales & Marketing and other members of GFS Builders & Developers were also present, says a Press release.
On this occasion, Chief Executive of GFS Builders Irfan Wahid said that GFS Builders has played a significant role in the promotion of sports and especially for the promotion of cricket, our organization will continue to play its key role so that in the coming young generation we Can produce the best cricketers, which is possible only through a series like SPL at the provincial level.
The purpose of organizing games in this way is to highlight other sports including cricket so that the best cricketers can be brought in Pakistan in the future. Irfan Wahid said that I am grateful. Long live the Sindh Government, which has played an important role in the promotion of sports, with the help of which we have got the opportunity to collect the best players from various teams of Sindh.
While Mansoor Wahid MDGFS Builders also expressed his views and said that the land of Sindh has produced legendary players like Javed Miandad, Saeed Anwar, Sarfaraz Ahmed for Pakistan and God willing, the land of Sindh will play its role in producing the best players in the future. Which can be made easier by organizing games like Sindh Premier League, he assured the players of his and his organization’s full support and also announced the future cash prizes for those who show the best performance.
It should be noted that on this occasion, the entire team of GFS Builders and other dignitaries of the city participated to appreciate the hard work and dedication of the entire team of “Karachi Ghazis”.

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