GFS Builders & Developers Organise Milad Mehfil Event at Orangi Town Residency

GFS Builders & Developers organise Milad Mehfil event

KARACHI: Maulana Abdul Abib Attari, Member of Shuri Dawat-e-Islami has said that it is necessary for every Muslim to acquire knowledge of religion, to obtain information about obligatory sciences, to acquire knowledge necessary for religion, even to learn knowledge about blasphemous words. Yes, if we don’t have knowledge of what is necessary to maintain faith, then there is a fear that we will not leave faith and we will not know. These views were expressed by him at the Milad event organized by GFS Builders and Developers, says a Press release.

CEO Irfan Wahid of GFS Builders and Developers said that the statement presented to the audience today, gives us all the opportunity to follow it. Amen, OTR is being made for the best of oranges. He presented heartiest congratulations to the entire team of Dawat-e-Islami.

Maulana Attari said that deeds depend on their end, if faith ends then good deeds will work, otherwise good deeds will not work and all hard work will be wasted. Therefore, faith is necessary and all this will come from learning, it will not come without learning, alas, there is nothing to worry about here, we are born in the house of a Muslim, we are Muslims, that’s all, if God willing we were born in someone else’s house. What would have happened to us, how many struggles and sacrifices the Companions have given for faith, how many atrocities they have endured and persisted in Islam.

Amir Ahle Sunnat said that indeed prayer prevents bad things, if one’s prayer does not prevent bad things, then he should correct his prayer. But they don’t know how to pray properly, unfortunately, they don’t have the passion to learn prayer, they should learn the problems of prayer, there are thousands of problems of prayer that must be learned, when the prayer is correct, there will be benefits, only when the prayer is correct, there will be evil.

It will stop you, you have to learn to perform Namaz correctly, if you don’t feel like doing Namaz, don’t give it up, and continue the process of learning along with Namaz. May Allah grant him the opportunity to acquire religious knowledge in the true sense.

Maulana Abdul Abib Attari, Mohammad Asad Ayub, Zaid Attari, Asif Attari and Naat Khawan across the city and large residences of Orangi Town participated in the celebration of Milad.