Gilgit-Baltistan Election 2020

Election of legislative assembly 2020 GB (Gilgit-Baltistan)is proceeding to it is a vertex. This time election will be held in the spooky environment of deleterious and contagious covid-19.Immediately after the announcement of the election scheduled on 15, November 2020 campaign of numerous political parties and independent candidates preluded expeditiously.some of the candidates including their supporters claimed they areenjoying the towering strength of votersso there is nothing sceptics remain to surpass the election competition against their opponent and whereas few of them claim that the number of votes for their candidatesare more than those for all other candidates together and while many others argue that their nomineeis the most popular among the people and it is not so arduous to holda simple and overwhelming majority of people in their constituencies and they’reassertingundoubtedly their candidate will win the gamewith a sweeping majority. Albeit the time will decide and will hallmark whatthe actual truth should be. However,it is a fact that at the culmination of the election processwithout a potent realitycontrivingunnecessary presumptions ensue noxious results.
Apart from religion, the cultural heritage of GB is very unique compared to the other parts of our country.In any circumstance,the people never accept any sort of direct or indirectinfluence or pressure of a party orany eponymous authority. Whereas the representatives of manymainstream political parties alike PPP, PMLN, and PTI were already proceeded in GB to support in the election campaign standing in the flank oftheir party candidates respectively.It is Ironicalas customary the party stalwarts not vacillating to level allegationsagainst each other, perhaps with the pace of time, most of their opinions will be proven futile and absurd. Such sort of unpleasant, disagreeable rather abominable, and irresponsiblestatement of individuals or party policieswill have fatal consequencesand causediscrepancies, resentment, and an acrimonious situation in thelocal serene societies for a protracted time.
Somewhat every citizen of Pakistan is well awareof the traits of Machiavelli,mendacious and egocentricPakistani Politian’swho never hesitate to go any extent to win a seat. Without any solid proof theyaccusing oneanother ofillicitlypavingthe pathofpre-polriggings.Such politiciansunderstand they are already losing the confidence of the voters and deliberately trying to make the entire process of election controversial.
Nevertheless,according to my observation,for the GB the reality is another way round and it is an eye-opener for every one of our compatriots,the educational percentage of most of the districts of GB are very high equated to other parts of Pakistan and people are well-aware and understands what should be a better optionfor them and whom ought to be their future elected representative to lead them in the next five years wherever theyrequired. Inmy opinion,if we put a cursory glance upon previous modus operand of elections we can understand the real scenario.People of GB always make use of their suffrage by putting their weightage in favour of those candidates who haveclosed friendship or strongly coupled with the central government.
Perhaps the administration of GB is entirely dependentupon the Federal government for its development and financial support, therefore I believe the people rightly deemed their elected representative must havesome potent adherence with the central governmenttograb their basic and legitimate demands. It is a good gesture forthe long deprived people of GB that the Government of PTI announced to give provincial status to their land.Albeitplenty oflocal mentors and intellectual aboriginals are unanimously admired and hailedthe decision of present Government who is willing to solve their long-awaited demand of a separate Provence.
However,on the otherside,the opposition parties categorically opposed and said that such initiative before the election of GB on their behalf would be considered as pre-poll-rigging. According to their opinion, this is not a prudent decision of the PTI government which has adverserepercussionson the Kashmir Issue on a long-term basis,changing in the status of the constitution they called it a sensitive matter. Besides this, it has come to theknowledge of this writer that the government has already discussed with the leaders of top opposition parties and agreed to initiate consultation on the proposal after the elections of 2020. Somewhat it discerns that the government of Imran Khan is serious to entrust constitutional rights to the people of GB.If The PTI government succeeded to honour and deliver their commitment to a separate province they made with the people of GB, potentially this will further solidify the strength of PTI in the entire region of GB.

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