Globex serves globe to bring jobs & foreign exchanges in country

We believe in professionalism and dedication; Our experts
are fully capable to compete global markets, Ali tells TFD

TFD Report

KARACHI: Every night when the whole Pakistan sleeps, our industry serves the country to bring millions of dollars in foreign exchange which our country is in dire need of. Our youth are working hard day and night, serving Pakistan with their art and rapidly gaining a foothold in international markets, Muhammad Ali Baig tells TFD.
He added “Worryingly, there is still a perception in our society that night jobs are not good or there is no future in such jobs – while on the other hand there is a large segment of people who are involved in information technology, communication, software creation & development, financial Solutions etc, has established itself in the international industry and is making country proud”.
Ali Baig tells the industry was not much expanded and advanced when he joined the industry in 2012, but later it grown incredibly. It is a misconception that the future of the people associated with the call center industry is not secure – many people are legitimately earning the best profits with the best pay and upgrading their living style, while they are also meeting the needs of their families.
There is also a small segment of young people who do not take IT and call center jobs seriously but see it as a means to a time-pass activity. By standing up, you can support your family and carry the burden of your education and save for your future.
Company partner & Head of operations Zeeshan Ali stresses on quick and vast growth of India’s IT/Call center industry and how Indians are occupying the international market with their strong government support. Pakistani youth are astonishing, tough and intelligent. They can bring amazing foreign exchanges in Pakistan with their artistic skills and can break India’s strong-hold in the market.
Globex Solution started the operations one and half years ago with two people and is operating with 50 employees today. All ages of employees of all genders work with us. All are cared and trained equally. We welcome all of impassioned candidates of the country who want to apply for their lucrative career with Globex. Visit
In the recent past, the industry has made decent progress as compare the past decades, but there is still a lot of work and sophisticated efforts to be done, Zeeshan Ali told TFD. slot