Govt should elevate travel & tourism culture in Pak to up hospitality industry

Federal education ministry must introduce formal bachelor &
master programs to promote hotelling career, Hasan tells TFD

TFD Report

KARACHI: The Hospitality and Tourism industry is one of the few industries in Pakistan that is moving with decent pace in the post COVID recovery era. In the last few years, this industry has developed rapidly in the country and there are more possibilities ahead.
This is such an industry where young people could hone their hidden talents and skills at the same time adopt a great hospitality career, Hasan Khan tells TFD
The development of the hotel & hospitality industry is directly linked to the country’s travel and tourism culture with professional educational institutes, those offers’ FOUR year government accredited bachelor’s degree is very needed.
If our government consistently takes steps to promote the culture of travel and tourism, this industry can bring incredible benefits to the national treasury through domestic tourism, and international travelers.
Hasan Khan added that our youth have the potential which can be capitalized and create employment for youth. Hasan Khan also stated that he is a second generation hotelier, his father also worked in the hospitality sector, he is formally educated in H&T from the US and teaches hospitality and tourism courses overseas.
He said Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation should establish an institute and get affiliation with University of Karachi or any reputable private university to attract students who wish to pursue a hospitality career.
The government and private entrepreneurs should invest on new attractions and explore hidden tourist treasures of the country and become a source of valuable international remittances in the country.
Over the past few years, there has been a boom in the hotel & hospitality industry in the Northern Territory, which is welcoming.
Hasan Khan urges that The Federal Ministry of Education should introduce formal bachelor’s and master’s programs to promote the hotel career, which would introduce more awareness and skills among the youth, and they would be able to better serve the industry.