Grand dialogue: A meaningless option

Some quarters are suggesting to initiate grand dialogue to draw a national map of consensus so that present confrontation between government and opposition is diffused. Question arises do we need a dialogue? The answer is emphatic No. Let us for a change tell non state actors and people in opposition camps that they have to forget the past and accept the ground realities. Can any one deny that irrespective the issue is small or big, the dispute is simple or complicated, the decision given by elders and courts be it lower or higher if it is against it is never acceptable to the loser how logical it may be. We as a nation only like decisions which are in our favour and anything that is declared against us is termed not only as injustice and declare courts are biased and under influence. You then hear Mujhay kyoon nikala. A thief knows that he has done something wrong but when brought to justice collects his supporters and starts his protest.
It is internationally accepted principle when there is competition between various individuals, groups and politician only one party wins likewise in any case that is well debated in the court one loses and the other wins.Imagine two sides are represented by eminent lawyers, the defence council fights the case of murderer to prove his client is not guilty whereas the ground reality is that someone has to account for the dead.
National dialogues are under taken under critical situation and it must be done in the larger interest of the state. But entering in to national dialogue on self generated issues should never be done for that the state must ensure that its writ is not challenged. You have to draw a line between right and wrong. Parliamentary form of government and lovers of democracy has done enough harm to the country. Democracy has become a hoax. It is used as a ladder to come in to power and the moment power is assumed democracy is closed in box with proper seal and is opened once new elections are announced.
We have fleet of private TV channels, has anyone come up as to why PDM after two years suddenly woke up and wants PM to resign? Doesn’t It sounds ridiculous, instead condemning such moves media has become party and come out in support of opposition knowing that it is wrong unconstitutional to indulge in unconstitutional acts. Can anyone show or point out any article in the constitution of Pakistan which lays down that after installation of government winning elections after due process of elections conducted under interim set up by ECP that government can be removed by holding public meetings. Yes there is a way out by bringing no confidence vote against the government, the only constitutional way rest neither it should be advocated or supported.
Just take the case of 18th amendment it was carried out to facilitate people at provincial level cutting down role of centre. It is no more a secret provinces more or less practicing as if they are completely independent, even on minor issues we find disagreements between province and centre. Under such circumstances one has to draw its limits and work under the constitution and not hold dialogues. How can one think of initiating grand dialogue with those who do not recognise the government and openly abuse their elected prime minister while being member of the same parliament drawing all type of benefits. If there are issues these must be sorted out in the parliament and not holding huge public meetings. We have seen each big political party has the potential to attract large crowd in their meetings without discussing modalities employed therefore it makes no difference at all except making headlines and providing material for holding talk shows
Can anyone deny that the present drama created is not on account of opposition alone, it is collective wisdom displayed by politicians of both sides who only see their own side of the things and are not pushed that country is under attack by coronavirus, the graph is going up gradually, there is increase each day and due to fresh cases covid wards are full, hospitals have no space. Under such circumstances do we need to hold seminar to tell our leaders stop playing with the lives of people . This must be stated categorically that 73 years is a very long period people should now open their eyes and stop following leaders who have indulged in loot and plunder and get swayed with their colourful slogans of better days. They have to decide their own future and nobody else, they must open their eyes and decide for themselves what is good and bad for them.
It is true that the first and foremost duty of the government is to protect the life and property of each and every citizen irrespective of cast and creed but this principle or constitutional provision is subject to certain conditions that each and every citizen has to observe that is strict adherence to country laws and follow the instructions given by state from time to time. Forget about political gimmicks. Is it not a fact that country is under attack by coronavirus people are dying on daily basis. The best precaution is to stay at home. Are we following it? No. People have to follow and observe instructions and take precautions. Unfortunately media has failed to educate the people instead giving minute to minute coverage of leaders violating instructions issued by the government. This is the time people are to be cautioned and forewarned about the terrible results of its violations. If something happens media should not blame the government but the people who violated SOP’s in that case responsibility shall rest on respective individuals.
Lastly rules should be amended to stop giving security cover and VIP protocol to political leaders who are facing corruption charges, they have plenty of money they should arrange own security. Media should stop portraying them as heros, the day we stop discussing them on tv channels they all shall die natural death. Priority is not bail of Shahbaz, but life of innocent people, it is for court to decide let them do their duties they are equipped with adequate wisdom don’t require any guidance from any body from any direction. Not the least the tendency of blaming establishment for all the ills must come to an end instead ” Looking at one’s own faults and shortcomings ”
Opposition needs to look internally and fix it’s own tempered and badly affected image.That needs more fixing than any need for negotiations with in opposition that has badly lost its credibility.Threat of resignations by opposition shall end up as hoax.

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