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Great chances for Malaysian investors in technology,agri, tourism, other sectors: KATI

KARACHI: The stage is set for enhanced trade relations between Pakistan and Malaysia as a 30-member Malaysian delegation led by Consul General Harman Hardynata Ahmed visited the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) in Karachi. During their visit, significant announcements and discussions took place, indicating a bright future for bilateral cooperation, says a Press release.
In a major development, Malaysian Consul General Harman Hardynata Ahmed revealed that direct flights connecting Karachi to Kuala Lumpur is expected to be operational by the end of this year. This move is poised to facilitate smoother business exchanges and foster greater collaboration between the two nations.
KATI President Faraz-ur-Rehman, welcoming the Malaysian delegation, highlighted the substantial investment opportunities available for Malaysian investors in various sectors within Pakistan. President Rehman emphasized that sectors like technology, tourism, agriculture, and more are ripe with potential for Malaysian businesses, and urged for closer economic ties.
Another critical point of discussion revolved around the potential for expanding trade ties between Pakistan and Malaysia.
The Malaysian Consul General underscored the potential for trading seafood products such as fish and prawns from Pakistan, a notion echoed by Vice President Muslim Mohamedi. This exchange could prove highly beneficial for both nations’ economies.
The visit also aimed to deepen educational connections, with Consul General Harman Hardynata bin Ahmed emphasizing the need for stronger links between educational institutions in both countries. This could pave the way for enhanced opportunities for students and academic collaboration.
The event further emphasized the strong people-to-people bonds between Pakistan and Malaysia, with the substantial presence of Pakistanis in Malaysia, many of whom are experts in IT, medicine, and academics. This robust community base serves as a foundation for expanded cooperation. During the discussion Consul General Malaysia and President KATI appreciated the efforts of Pakistan Malaysia friendship association’s President Shahid Qureshi for his commendable efforts to boost trade between both the countries.
As the discussions unfolded, it became evident that both nations are keen on capitalizing on each other’s strengths to boost economic growth. With the prospect of a direct flight and the exploration of various trade avenues, the future holds promise for a mutually beneficial partnership between Pakistan and Malaysia.

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