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Thai CG hosts blood donation drive in coord with the AMTF on Queen Mother’s birthday

KARACHI: Royal Thai Consulate General in Karachi organized a Blood Donation Drive in collaboration with AMTF (helping blood disorders program) to commemorate Her Majesty the Queen Mother’s 91st Birthday, says a Press release.
The Blood Drive was well attended by Consul & Vice Consul Generals of different countries in Karachi, Thai Community and from Business Community.
Narut Soontarodom (Consul General of Thailand in Karachi) was really impressed with AMTF’ work and effort for the good cause. He said the foundation will definitely help the society to grow in a positive manner. He also appreciated the efforts of AMTF and its Team for the outstanding work being carried out for the advocacy and treatment of Thalassemics by them.
Dr. Asim Kidwai, (Founder and CEO of AMTF) while thanking the Royal Thai Consulate, explained about AMTF’s struggle for Thalassmic & Blood Disorder Children and AMTF future plans.
He said that AMTF is a pride of Pakistan attempting and fighting to sustain lives of their registered Blood Disorder and Thalassemic Children with state of the art facilities under one roof like, I.C.U, Step Down, Laboratory, Blood Bank, Day Care, Dentistry, Dedicated Clinics, etc, without cash counter.
Beside, he said AMTF is the only entity which is looking after emergency and 24 hour care of Thalassemic Children of Karachi and Interior Sindh.
Ateeq Ur Rehman (Director Resource Generation & Mobilization, AMTF) thanked the Consul General, Deputy Consul General of Thailand and their team for allowing an opportunity to AMTF for conducting a Blood Donation Drive which as a matter of fact is a privilege for them and requested for such opportunities in future, also. The Requirement of Blood is a necessity for Thalassemic Children as their life line.
He also thanked Arif Suleman (President, Pak Thai Friendship Association & Business Forum) and their members for their support to Thalassemia Cause.

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