Guiding light of national media

Unbelievable and incredible are “behind the scene” role models of media in Pakistan.
IMAGINE silent media prodigies, role models for the young nation and behind fame of many a celebrity! Compliment Mufti Saheb, the then InCharge News, “Pakistan Observer”: a captivating and overwhelming role model of piety, honesty, simplicity and sacrifice and remarkable news acumen and expertise. Attribute Anil Datta: a gem of a round-the-clock positively thinking and investigative reporting for “THE NEWS”, a truly die-hard patriotic Pakistani, struggling 40 years for survival with peanuts of a pay, breathing his last not long ago. Legendary ShahidaKazi, first English language female reporter at DAWN, one-time News Editor at PTV, media faculty until age 70, urging students to read newspapers for knowledge and grooming. A blend of business journalism at DAWN, leading the cause of human rights, busy round-the-clock as President of the Karachi Press Club, taking personal pains for human values was Late Sabihuddin Ghausi.
Applaud less-heard journalists’ instrumental role, especially in Islamabad and in the Punjab, by being at the helm of their respective news desks, silently and sacrificially contributing to the news credibility, public appeal and promotion of their newspapers as Khalid Akhtar of the then “The Muslim”, Tariq Warsi of Nawa-i-Waqt”, HasanMusanna of “The Nation”, Mariana Baber, free-lance, Late Syed Fasih Iqbal, Chief Editor, “Baluchistan Times” and “Zamana” Quetta, former President of APNS and CPNE and a former senator, reflect touching humility and sheer simplicity, remarkable commitment to journalism. Able, noble, humble and gentle role of grooming key media reporting celebrities are living bygones of such early media pioneers as MukhtarZaman and SalimAlvi from the news desk of the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP).
Remember from Lahore Late Ayesha Haroon from “The Nation” andNasim Ahmed, the then Editor, Pakistan Times for many a media, social and humanitarian cause. MashaAllah alert and alive to current media demands prominent ones are Syed Talat Husain carrying deep inside a model of love and respect for his motherand NasimZehrafor core human values and humanity, ManzarSaheb, Editor “The Leader”, Karachi showing how Sultan Ahmed and Nizam Siddiqi, amid his warm-hearted presence that the former contributed editorials to “The Leader” even when he was overwhelmingly involved with DAWN and the latter continued to cherish “The Leader” even when he pioneered JANG’s reporting. Talking more of DAWN, stories of humble, illustrious and life-sacrificing reporters include those of Late MaisoonHusein and Late Salman Husain.
From DAWNto THE NEWS, mythological GhaziSalahuddin, silently helping mediayouthblossom. Zamir Ahmed, shy, subdued, exploited, supporting large family, Weekly MAG designing guru, rarely taking a day off during long service, madeMAG best-seller bybewitching and bewilderingangling and placementof colortransparencies. Amid heavy oddsSheherBanoonce publishing and now sabotaged “Education zine”, “The News” highlighting appealing articles in social, natural, biological, medical, environmental, physical and pure sciences for public information, research and reference. Attribute Late Syed Mubarak Ali from “Pakistan and Gulf Economist” PAGE, working round-the-clock to procure ads throughout the week to ensure a supplement and planning the same week for the next week for 52times a year! Late Afaq Ahmad Business Recorder fought Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) with will power to lose the battle for life.
AttributeAkbar Shahbaz, with top credentials in broadcasting, captivating voice an architect of Mast FM 103 to be intrigued and reduced to apart-time RJ; TajdarAdil, celebrity-maker PTV producer of such public shows as NeelamGhar and Moin Akhtar show and producing public pulsating patriotic songs, Nargis Hashmi, a Seraiki girl, traveling to Karachi for her Master’s in International Relations from Karachi University, taken by PTV finally Head “PTV World”, role model of dignity and integrity for many an aspiring female of the nation. Matloob-ur-Rauf and Basheer Zaidi Aseer, Controllers Current Affairs, PTV and PBC respectively, models in grace and dignity, symbols of current affairs acumen, experts in time and priorities management, icons in guiding, sharing and helping. Indeed, there will be some others

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