Gutted executive – Gutted politics?

When you make statements from responsible position you have to be careful and while making tall statements you have to be extra careful and if it is not done you are doomed. That is what exactly happened to PTI. Much before the elections Imran Khan announced that in case they won Asad will be the finance minister considered being wizard in economics little realizing that to manage a company and to manage a country are two different things. Economic condition and state of domestic and foreign debt was known to everybody. To steer the country out of crisis you don’t indulge in experimentation but need a thoroughly professional approach. Since IK was sitting on a borrowed mandate therefore he should have been the most concerned person being the head of the party. As a Prime Minister he kept himself busy in scolding two top leaders of the country on corruption and destroying the economy of the country with heavy burdens of foreign loans, but comparatively people were more comfortable then under the present regime. The top leaders from PPP and PML N are facing courts, under which clause of the constitution Prime Minister or President can make statements fixing all and get back the looted money. It was not only IK but his cabinet ministers also harped the same tune thus lost direction from the real issues. Dilemma of our rulers irrespective who they are don’t bother about such matters and ultimately lend in to trouble.
The biggest jolt given to nation was sudden abrupt and heavy devaluation of rupee adding billions of debt to already over burdened nation. This resulted in shooting up prices of consumable items to sky high and injury was added by increase in fuel prices that further aggravated the condition of poor people. The country runs on production for that cost of business has to be in reasonable limits especially when China has been given free hand for 25 years.
Our businessman is fed up from false promises by the previous and existing government. For one year former SVP Mazher Nasir FPCCI apex body of traders has been crying in front of everybody to listen to their suggestions but no one bothered as a result as anticipated we landed ourselves in economic disaster. Just imagine when the Finance Minister says economy is out of ICU that does not mean improvement but further disaster because after ICU you need special funds for rehabilitation.
Unfortunately solution is sought in changing guards and reshuffling the bureaucracy. In fact premature shifting does not bring any improvement but ends up in further deterioration and that is what we witnessed .Can the Prime Minister justify alleged purchase of 75 new cars by Punjab government. I wish he had sacked the Chief Minister that would have raised his graph on performance. In this much esteemed paper many a times it was pointed out to change information ministers of Punjab and Centre, but took lot of time in their disposal.IK should have known that ministries are run by section officers and Secretaries but due to regular rebuke and rhetoric of corruption they stopped working. Frequent change in higher appointments ultimately end up in disaster, why must we choose wrong person at the initial stage if it is done tolerate him and let him work for some period
PTI should have known that there is hostility from all directions and more so by opposition that had been totally neglected so much so party heads are not invited in national events. Whenever any dignitary visits Pakistan he does not visit as personal guest of Prime Minister or President but he is guest of Pakistan. How can you ignore other parties, this logic is not understood. The problem with our rulers has been be present or past they consider country as their personal property this notion needs to be buried. Thanks to NAB for doing such a wonderful job by giving jolts to untouchables
There was loud cry to change the finance minister not only from outside but from within PTI circles and Asad took it as an insult and no confidence by the party. Since he failed to deliver therefore it was anticipated that changes are in the offing but unfortunately the timing has been wrong. Former finance minister recently visited Washington and had talks with IMF team and soon they shall be visiting Pakistan to finalize the package to be given to Pakistan. Tendering resignation has also surprised the Prime Minister, and we witnessed that nobody was with him when he announced his resignation. Surprisingly he thanked people of NA 48 constituency for voting him that was ridiculous they voted Imran Khan, Asad was not known to them. This reflects grave differences that may ultimately end up his relations with PTI As said earlier the timing was most inappropriate as national budget is to be presented, therefore IK should have waited and then made changes that would have been more appropriate, in any case this abrupt change has sent wrong message to the donors.
Every one asks one question. What next? Government’s answer could be they have removed the finance minister and some other ministers have also been reshuffled on account of poor performance. Reshuffling must have annoyed the coalition partners and soon we may find some harsh reaction from them. Crutches only help you get up and stand and are not a permanent solution. Time is running fast, I tend to agree with Shahbaz Sharif giving sane advice to IK he should leave arrogance and concentrate on economy that cannot be generated through speeches you need proper planning with dedicated team.

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